Nike Has A New Product For Muslim Women: The ‘Pro Hijab’

By Zahraa Alkhalisi

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — Nike will soon begin selling a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes.

The head cover, called the “Nike Pro Hijab,” boasts a single-layer pull-on design made from lightweight polyester in dark, neutral colors. The fabric’s tiny holes will make it breathable while remaining opaque, a requirement for hijab-wearing women.

Nike said it began developing the hijab after some Muslim athletes complained about wearing a traditional head scarf during competition.

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The design process took 13 months, and the final product will be available for sale in the company’s Spring 2018 season.

Nike said the hijab is already being worn by Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari.

“I was thrilled and a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab,” Lari said in a statement. “I’ve tried so many different hijabs for performance, and … so few of them actually work for me. But once I put it on and took it for a spin on the ice, I was blown away by the fit and the light weight.”

The move comes just weeks after a controversial Nike ad released in the Middle East.

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It featured five successful female professional from different parts of the Arab world pursing their athletic dreams while a voice asks,

“what will they say about you?” It’s a rhetorical question that many young Arab women face if they step out of cultural and traditional norms.

The video went viral with million of views on social media, prompting a debate over its message.

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One Comment

  1. I am so confused. The LGBT supports Democrats supports Muslims and Islam supports Sharia law supports killing LGBT and subjugating women.

    So the LGBT supports killing LGBT and subjugating women???

  2. So supporting a practice by a religion which makes women cover up like ghosts is ok.
    But no such support for Christians who have been burnt alive, hundreds of thousands killed and displaced and who have had children forced to be sex slaves by the religion of hijabs?

    The Left are despicable hypocrites.

  3. Mark Mullins says:

    I will never understand why the left champions a cult that oppresses Women.

    1. Because its not about women, kids, gays, minorities…its about USING the divisions in society to force a fundamental transformation into what amounts to a Socialist state
      Basically if you are anti-christian, anti-traditional West, anti-anglo than the Left will side with you and instigate hate and violence.
      Its part of their ideology.

  4. I think I’m going to be sick. This disgusts me, how can Nike condone this 7th century cult. Oh I get it they are catering to the PC gods. Islam is not a religion.

  5. John Smith says:

    Women who want to wear a hijab should move back to the desert where they belong.

  6. The women in this ad all look so happy and content knowing that without their hijab in public they could be beaten or even stoned to death.

  7. Bret McCoy says:

    I hear they are coming out with a line of “After Genital Mutilation Jogging Shorts” next summer. They will be available exclusively at Target…

  8. Possession and sale of Hijab’s and burqa’s needs to be a Criminal Abuse Offense.

  9. Hanson Smith says:

    Hey Nike, bite me!

  10. Susan Borden says:

    Let’s cover up any hint of femininity and while they’re at it cut off those nasty genitals – wouldn’t want a woman to enjoy what men do.

    1. Hanson Smith says:

      Liberals can’t wait to usher sharia law into the US – just to spite the hated white Christian male (who, btw, is largely responsible for the modern civilized world and all it’s wonders and freedoms)

  11. Ah. The “Nike Religious Accommodation Series” of athletic attire has been announced. So, when will be see the “Nike Athletic Gingham Dress” for Mormon women? I hate to quote Milo, but to American women who claim Islam and wear a hijab, “What in the he** is wrong with you?”

    1. Gotta agree. Yeah, let’s all of us women wear a fricken’ hijab to support women who are being viciously abused, raped, sexually mutilated, and denied a real life. Sorry, DOESN’T WORK for me. I want all of these women who are being brutalized because of their religion, to know and experience real freedom.

  12. yeah,…and next week mcDonalds will begin using halal meat

  13. oh my God, hahahaha… man, I can see record sales for nike in the future….not

  14. It’s amazing that Nike is willing to throw away 99% of their customers to cater to the .3% of Muslim Nike customers who want to live in the 14th century and oppress women. I have another great winning idea for you, Nike. How about some basketball shoes with little chains on them, to commemorate the 18th century days of slavery? That should finish your business hari-kiri, leaving you with no customers.

  15. It’s just their custom to wear this and shouldn’t matter to anyone else. I’m an R and voted for Trump.

    1. Lying, thieving thug. You’re not a Republican, and you DIDN’T vote for Trump. These people are trying to normalize a 7th-century throwback “religion”. We won’t stand for it, either. DESTROY ISLAM NOW!

  16. Time to boycott like Target. Let them feel the burn!

  17. Hmm. This assumes a woman can engage in sports. Do they have anything for those women who are not even allowed to leave the house — pretty common in radical Islamist cultures? And will anyone march for them on march 8th?

  18. Not sure where to begin! Stupid muslims with their 1400 year old tenet of how to treat women and Nike for creating a cover up.

    A society that threatens women as second, no third class citizens, is not a religion but a threat to modern society.
    It’s a criminal organization.
    Their religious tenet says to kill all infidel nonbelievers. That’s not a religion but a criminal cult.

    Why would Nike want to support a criminal organization?

  19. I hope that someone at Nike would understand that the Koran is hate speech against women, a misogynist , woman hating, murder manual. The Koran contains 114 chapters, 109 of which specifically reference the murder and destruction of every value western civilization holds dear.

  20. Doug Oritz says:

    Achtung! When does the new Nike sweatshirt with the yellow star and Juden on it?

  21. Dean Dameron says:

    Where is the “Women’s Movement?” A woman mad to wear a piece of clothing that a man does not!!!!!!

  22. Anone Amouse says:

    Lay odds loony left women joggers will be wearing these jogging within 3 months of selling

  23. Kurt Smith says:

    I’ll betcha a cold drink this oppressive and freaky treatment of women by muslims can be traced back to some deep sexual dysfunctions of the guy that started this ‘religion.’

  24. So nike , how are you going to address the growing hijab for transgender market ? Matching black carbon fiber stone proof Burkas ?

  25. Hey Nike! What were you thinking?

  26. Kim A Kirk says:

    I guess Nike is going to bring back the swastika also?

  27. Bet you I used to spend as much money as 1000 Muz women on NIKE products. USED TO AFTER THIS.

  28. Allah frowns upon women participating in public sports. It is a man job. We need to send the Nike headquarters to Saudi Arabia and let them educate themselves…

  29. Kate Craig says:

    This sickens me. Muslim women wear the hijab in submission to muslim men. Islam is a horrible religion when it comes to the rights of women. Nike is promoting the subjugation of women and should not be rewarded for doing so. Will they make special garments with crosses on them for Christian women or is it just Islam that gets all the special treatment.

  30. Darren Davis says:

    Anti Christian corporations sold out to Satin and his helper Allah a long time ago. Jesus will return with flames in his eyes, clothing covered in blood, a sword from his mouth leading his armies from heaven. At that point every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess to God.

  31. bvikay says:

    How about a “pro crucifix”? Cool, huh?

  32. Doug Davis says:

    The shoeiside bomber was the first to wear a pair of the new Nike Air Jihad!

  33. George Smith says:

    A symbol of oppression…sickening.

  34. Another company pandering to the Muslims. Its great to know that women who are oppressed and beheaded or stoned for going out without an escort or raped without regard are the new fashion target for Nike. Its a sick world when Mulsims men beat their women and nike stands by and helps. No Nike for me.

  35. You just put your logo on a symbol of oppression. Good job, Nike!

  36. Mary Mac says:

    anything for a buck…….

  37. Carmen Leung says:

    Have you even asked the women there? About how they feel about it? It allows them to compete while still following the rules of their faith. Nike only started developing one after getting complaints about wearing a traditional one in a competition. These ladies wanted it. So Nike gave it to them. Nothing to do with oppression of ladies.

    1. If it’s not a symbol of oppression why do they HAVE to wear it?

  38. Paul Roberts says:

    “Nike will soon begin selling a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes.” In the above picture of the supposed ice skater. She still is not modest with just the scarf. who are they kidding? You can still admire her legs and A$$. Promote Islam seems to be the fad. But ignore how life is in all the countries that are dominated by it.

  39. Ya divers have had that for about 50 yrs. real inventive Nike. Next maybe you will invent a shoe with velcro.

  40. Bret Rudnick says:

    Because when you’re suppressed, you should look your best….

  41. The hijab is NOT a requirement of Islam!! It’s a symbol of female subjugation! – smdh

  42. Peter York says:

    har har. if women aren’t allowed to do anything, what’s this all about?

  43. Greta Jones says:

    The boycott is on!!!!

    1. Me too! Boycott a company that will do anything for a $$$$$. I just decided not to buy a new pair of sneakers from them! If they are PRO-habib, I AM anti-Nike!!! Don’t these idiots realize they are ‘playing into the hands of our enemies’ who wish nothing more than to destroy us! Hello!!!!!!

  44. John Meyeson says:

    I wonder when Hanes will re-label their white tanks as the all-new sweat-wicking “Wife Beater”.

  45. It’s called a Ski Hood. Look it up. LOLOLOLOL

  46. Kay Linley says:

    REALLY, NIKE????? Think that people are THAT stupid?! LOL…..I guess my son’s been wearing a “hijab” under his racing helmet all these years!!!! Just because NIke says it a “hijab” doesn’t mean it’s a freakin’ “hijab.” And by the way Nike, YOU didn’t invent this item……been a winter apparel item forever and in the sports world forever……SHAME ON YOU, NIKE! And by the way……why would you find it acceptable to advocate the OPPRESSION OF WOMEN???

  47. Al Cackowski says:

    why are all these hipster companies committing suicide?

  48. Wow? Nike? Really? I didn’t think it would be possible to commit commercial suicide so easily, but you guys nailed it! Will never buy another Nike product for myself or my kids.

  49. Anything to make a buck, good going Nike.

  50. Promoting subjugation and oppression of women is NOT cool.

  51. Nike is trying to make money off female oppression, and needs to be boycotted.

    The hijab is a form of female oppression in the Middle-East, and is un-American.

    In the Middle-East, women are killed if they are not fully covered, with a woman being beheaded in Saudi Arabia for not covering herself.

    In Afghanistan, a woman who was fully covered, yet not with a male owner was beheaded recently – They believe women cannot go outside without a male companion such as a brother or a husband – or, the Muslims believe the woman can be raped and is their fair game.

    In Saudi Arabia, a women are killed for driving cars, and are not allowed to drive cars.

    In Saudi Arabia, girls were killed by being burned alive, when police stopped rescue teams, because the women are not fully covered.

    In the Muslim-world, in the sharia law world that oppresses women with full head scarfs and full coverings, if the woman gets an education, boiling water and acid are thrown at the woman’s face, and this is in their Quran.

    All of it is anti-female terrorist “law,” and it is criminal, as it is not the Western nation’s law, and instead believes it should be subverted.

    Women have no rights in the Quran nor in the Middle-East, and in fact, women are not allowed to marry someone they love, nor to choose who to marry in the Islamic world. The marriages are arranged, and practices involve arranging them from birth. Single mothers are stoned in honor killings, and if the woman is raped, then she is killed by foolish honor killings. If the woman is not covered in the Muslim world of incompatible, terrorist Islam, and if she is unaccompanied, she is raped, and if she is raped, she is then killed by her own family and by the male community via stoning for being raped.

    That is not American, and symbols of this oppression such as the hijab and the burka, the full veil, which further it are hateful and oppressive, discriminatory towards women. Furthermore, Muslim women are themselves disrespectful of other women who desire full rights by furthering the battle and war on women, and not decrying it. This does not belong in America.

    In Europe, the headscarf and the burka are being banned throughout its countries, and thousands of rapes, sexual molestation, and beatings, along with a high content volume of graphic footage exists due to women simply being free and dressing as they desire.

  52. Way to advocate for women! Now I’ll be taking my business to Adidas!

  53. Do they also sell “Nike Pro Rocks” for islamists to stone this girl to death for adultery after she’s gang raped?

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