By Lesley Van Arsdall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The players on the Phillies roster love playing for Pete Mackanin, and he wants them to know the feeling is mutual.

“Even when you’re not doing well, I still like you. Very often I’ve seen coaches and managers in the past, you can tell when they like their good players and the players that aren’t playing well, they don’t like them. I want these guys to know I like them, as long as they are accountable, I like them,” Mackanin said.

The Phillies manager spoke about his leadership style.

“I’ve been in the game so long, and I used to be old-school type manager because I played for Billy Martin, Dick Williams, Bobby Cox, and some of these other guys who were, “your not playing because I’m the Manager get out of my office.” I choose to approach it in a benevolent way,” he said.

And on his title as the team’s “benevolent dictator.”

“Yeah, it’s not a democracy. This is a benevolent dictatorship. There’s more monologues going on than dialogues,” said Mackanin.

He also shared his goals for the upcoming season.

“I believe if we play good baseball, and we play around .500 to get started, or I’d love to start off quick. I think as we do that, and prove to ourselves that we are an improved team, I think there’s no telling what can happen down the stretch,” he said.

Mackanin feels with the talented young players on this team, “you gotta believe.”

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