CBS3 To Host Sen. Pat Toomey Conversation

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There have recently been multiple protests outside U.S. Senator Pat Toomey’s office, calling for him to host a town hall meeting.

We invite you to join CBS3 this Monday afternoon at approximately 2:10 p.m., as Sen. Toomey comes to our the CBS3 Eyewitness News studios to take part in a live social media conversation.

CBS3 Eyewitness News Anchor Jessica Dean will be asking the senator your questions that you can submit via Facebook Live.



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  1. You have said that the reason why you won’t hold an in-person town hall is because all people want to do is yell and shout at you. Can you name 3 reasons WHY your constituents would have to shout or yell about??

  2. Senator Toomey, where are poor and low income women going to get their family planning health care if the ACA is repealed and Planned Parenthood is defunded? Many women have pre-existing conditions and lack the ability to afford health insurance. I am old enough to remember what life was like when women could not get access to contraception. If it had not been for Planned Parenthood I would not have had any access to family planning. Don’t let us return to those dark times.

  3. Hello,
    I was wondering when Senator Toomey would have a real town hall meeting? I would like to attend. 2:10 pm is inconvenient for me, because I work during the day.

    I’m also aware that the US government has been involved in foreign elections in the past. Of course we do this for the benefit of the Americans. I am concerned about the Russian involvement in our elections, specifically that we have discovered now that several Cabinet appointees have been shown to have met privately with Russian officials. I just don’t feel like the Russians are interested in being helpful to benefit us. It feels like they would want to benefit the Russians. I’m wondering whether or not Senator Toomey will be calling for a special prosecutor about the alleged connections between Russia and Trump? If not, why not?

    A good start seems to be a release of President Trump’s tax records. There may not be anything there (which would be a huge relief) but I’m not sure why we as the American people should have to operate on blind trust? If Senator Toomey doesn’t believe that this should be required through the ways and means committee, could he please explain how else this can be accomplished?

    Thank you!

  4. Senator Toomey, where will low income women get family planning care when the ACA is abolished and Planned Parenthood is defunded? If you can not afford private insurance and Medicaid is cut back, Planned Parenthood is the only source for poor and low income women to access any health care, but especially contraceptive care. Marion Hanks-Bell

  5. Senator Pat (Loot & Pollute) Toomey – won’t face his constituents because he cannot explain his loot and pollute policies. How is coal mining debris in our water and air ever a good idea? Pollution kills fetuses,babies and children.How do you sleep at night?

  6. DMT says:

    When this afternoon is the “meeting” going to be?
    Senator Toomey, will you confront our increasingly dysfunctional foreign relations by asking Jeff Sessions to resign for lying under oath? Will you speak out about the major flaws in the latest iteration of the “Muslim ban?” (it still doesn’t address actual sources of terrorism)

  7. This is hard to take seriously when there is no time scheduled or mention of it on your Facebook page for today’s event. Toomey’s evasiveness is reflecting badly on CBS3.

  8. Senator Toomey, why won’t you hold a real, in-person, not pre-selected audience Town Hall?

    Senator Toomey, Americans are concerned about Russia being entangled in America’s election, and possible ties our current administration may have with Russia. When will a bi-partisan investigation take place?

    Senator Toomey, how will I get health coverage for my pre-existing health condition if ACA is eliminated?

    Senator Toomey, What is your knowledge of Trump’s possible conflict of interest?

    Senator Toomey, Will you Vote to regulate for clean air and water?

    Senator Toomey, Will you uphold separation of church/ any religion, and state?

    Senator Toomey, when will your first real, live Town Hall without a pre-selected audience be held?

    Senator Toomey, why have you never had a Town Hall in Philadelphia?

    Senator Toomey, why do you favor charter schools and withhold funding from Philadelphia Public Schools?

    Senator Toomey, when will the SRC in Philadelphia be disbanded?

    Senator Toomey, when will you hold a Town Hall?

  9. Hiding behind a camera again, Senator? Come out and meet your constituents in a REAL town hall — face to face.

  10. Ria Swift says:

    This IS BS. This man is a coward. The town hall meetings are called that for a reason. What a baby.

  11. Excellent questions already posted. CBS3, I hope you ask them, but it would have been nice if this was sincerely pursued with a real journalist instead of as ratings grab for Barbiedoll news reader. You are enabling Toomey to avoid his constituents. Now he’s going to say he was “available” at some random TBA time online – really?!

  12. Has a time been set for this event yet?

  13. Sheila says:

    Wow….it is interesting the lengths our elected officials will go to NOT meet with their constituents face to face…Channel 3 should host a real town hall…

  14. Wendy Gilson says:

    What kind of help do you plan to do for low resident who can’t afford health insurance when agree to support Congress vote out aca disabled, seniors, and working heads of households still being forced live in 7.25 hr. Since don’t support raising minimum wage

  15. Antonia Lee says:

    CBS, why are you indulging this BS? This front running weasel needs to meet with us, his constituents, in person.

  16. How can one obtain ticket for the studio audience? I am not a loud person, although upset with Sen. Toomey’s following his party rather than the needs of real people over the wants of the rich. Does he really believe that the rich and corporations deserve tax breaks,when it has been proven many times that this money NEVER “trickles down”? I think he must be a good person on some level–what has happened to his conscience?
    Please PM if I can get a ticket to the show.

  17. Lisa Davis says:

    Shame on YOU, CBS3, for permitting this sham. This is NOT a town hall. How many of the senator’s constituents have access to social media at some random “to be announced” time on a Monday afternoon? Senator Toomey is supposed to represent the entire state, not just the Philadelphia area.

  18. 1. When will you meet with your constituents in person, after working hours, so most of us can attend?

    2. Will you stand up and demand that a special prosecutor be named to investigate the Trump administrations’ dealings with Russia?

    3. Speak plainly about healthcare. When you say everyone will have “access” to healthcare, it doesn’t mean everyone will get coverage. I have access to a Porsche. I just can’t afford one. Isn’t it true that people with pre-existing conditions (many of us!) will likely be placed in high risk pools which will have drastically higher premiums and thus be unaffordable to most people?

    4. Will you oppose gutting the EPA and Dept. of Education? Our environment and PUBLIC schools are too precious to discard.

    5. Will you oppose ridiculous spending on a “Great Wall” and thousands of new border control and ICE agents? How about putting that money into public schools or the infrastructure improvements you have been talking about?

    6. How long will taxpayers foot the bill for Mr. Trump’s weekend getaways to Florida and security at two de facto White Houses? If he’s such a good businessman and billionaire, let him pay for that himself. Oh, and how about demanding his tax returns? YES! The public is interested.

  19. Chris Crooke says:

    Question1: Why don’t you hold a face to face town hall meeting, so there can be an exchange of ideas,

    Question 2: I have read some proposed ideas for replacing ACA and I would like you to explain how people will be able to afford a saving health plan when many live pay check to pay check.

    Question 3: I would like to know how you think the average American, who works, but does not have health insurance, can pay for 12 months health insurance with a tax credit, assuming they even get a credit.

    Question 4: Why can’t Congress put aside their party differences and investigate the Russian connection.

    Question 5: Why can’t all you politicians stop blaming each other for the mess Washington is in, and get down to helping the average American, not the wealthy Americans, who you all seem to be working for.

  20. Greg Rosen says:

    How will Healthcare savings Accounts help americans who can barely afford to pay their expenses? Aren’t these just a tax shelter for wealthier Americans such as yourself?

  21. Greg Rosen says:

    Why did you vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a plan for what the insurance market should look like? Now that there is a president who is willing to sign a repeal bill, will you vote to repeal without a replacement bill in place? if so what will you do to ensure coverage for all of those who wish to be covered?

  22. Greg Rosen says:

    Would you support a free market solution for people for pre-existing conditions, such as allowing citizens buy into Medicare?

  23. Liz Dunford says:

    Will you demand Trump’s taxes? Will you investigate conflicts of interest? Will you vote to keep the ACA? Will you Vote to regulate for clean air and water? Will you vote to promote clean energy like wind and solar, over obsolete and dangerous coal? Will you vote for women’s full reproductive freedom and access to family planning? Will you vote NO to a stupid wall and the terrorizing of refugees and immigrants? Will you vote no on vouchers which undermine public education? Will you vote to keep the the U.S. in the Paris accord, and address climate change? Will you vote no on penalizing great cities like Philadelphia for being Sanctuary cities? Will you uphold separation of church/ any religion, and state? just a few of the questions we the people have been trying to ask him in person for months.

  24. Dawn Blaus says:

    Hopefully at a time when working people can be a part of it. As a teacher, I do not have free afternoons to attend online sessions. How about early evening?

  25. Ann Hartzell says:

    This is despicable! We keep asking Mr Toomey for a Town Hall. Instead of a face to face meeting he continues to come up with creative ways to avoid us. First, with his phone town hall, when he gave less than an hour notice. And now, this sham that will keep many of Toomey’s constituents out because of their lack of internet access. I have half a mind to boycott CBS – because this only plays into Toomey’s hand.

  26. Everyone should just submit the same question: When will you be meeting face to face with your constituents?

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