‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protests Being Held Across US, Including Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — What started as a social media campaign calling for immigrant workers to walk off the job has materialized in South Philadelphia.

There are signs on businesses reminding patrons why they’re closed. Dozens of stores, restaurants and other places are shut down across South Philadelphia in solidarity with A Day Without Immigrants.

Philly Businesses To Close For ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protest

Ben Fuentes, an American citizen originally from Mexico, closed his tattoo shop to show his support.

“I guess it was spur of the moment decision, to support everybody,” said Fuentes. I didn’t know it was happening until yesterday.

The workforce behind these mom and pop businesses is striking for one day – demonstrating opposition to President Donald Trump administration’s well-publicized position of a crackdown on illegal immigrants and undocumented workers.

They’re also voicing displeasure on other items that the president made hallmarks of his campaign – namely efforts to build a wall.

Business owner Christine Martinez said a day like this pinpoints the importance of immigrant labor.

“It’s nice to see the solidarity that’s happening,” said Martinez. “Immigrants are the backbone of the construction industry, the restaurant industry.

Immigrants Nationwide Plan To Walk Off Job To Prove Point To Trump

Demonstrations took place in cities across the country.

Hundreds marched to the White House in response to Trump’s immigration policies.

Demonstrators said they wanted to show how important their community is to the American economy and American culture.

The businesses will be open again on Friday.


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  1. Hank Maglio says:

    so the media keeps starting trouble,,,why is that,,,let the media pay for all there housing,,food,,insurance,,,there is no reason,,people can’t cross the border between countries,,come in legally,,,,why is that a problem,,,just keep raising taxes on these people who want to support illegals,,,

  2. Keep walking, you ugly brown squat monster invaders. We didn’t need you 50 years ago and we don’t need you now.

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