Philly Teachers Plan Week Of Lessons About Black Lives Matter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some Philadelphia teachers are urging their colleagues to plan a week of lessons on the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s an effort being promoted by the Caucus of Working Educators — a faction of the teachers union. They want teachers on the week of January 23 to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts and buttons, and to teach about racial justice issues each day. Caucus member Amy Roat, a teacher at the Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences, acknowledges that some principals may not agree.

Teachers Group Encourage Educators To Participate In The ‘Black Lives Matter Week Of Action’ 

“I would never encourage someone to be insubordinate. But I would also encourage to make an appointment with the principal and talk to them and say, ‘This is why I’m participating in this Black Lives Matter week. And this is the kind of lesson I want to teach and this is why I think it would be good for my class.”

Roat says it’s the role of a teacher to help students process current events.

“I do think Black Lives Matter is a real thing in the news, just like everything else. And I think it’s definitely not off-limits.”

She realizes there will likely be pushback to the idea, but she says this is not a political statement.

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“It’s to educate children and let them understand what’s going on so they can form opinions and they can be critical thinkers.”

It’s not entirely clear how many teachers will be taking part. The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is not taking a formal position on the action.

Philadelphia School District spokesman Lee Whack, in a statement, said “We support all children and their academic success. We are fully invested in the lives of all of our students and we have regular forums and avenues throughout the district for students to express themselves and learn.”

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The working educators say the BLM effort is to promote discussion, not political agitation.

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  1. Just sore sport losing race baiting liberals, the kind our education system has been filled with over the years. Why not teach the truth, the real facts, teach freedom, morals, and how to live in a free American society and be productive, and not teach the anti American hatred of liberalism. Since the late 1970’s when the hippie’s became teachers and professors, our children haven’t had a real education, just a liberal indoctrination, and it’s a sad, sad, shame, and why this country has gone down the tubes in recent years. Black lives matter, and all lives matter, and cops lives matter too.

  2. Bill Zardus says:

    I’m pretty sure that “Black Lives Matter” is the number one reason that President Blowhard is waiting to be inaugurated.

    Thanks Guys !

    Great Job !!


  3. Just who’s “justice” are they going to teach?

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