High School Homework Assignment Asks Which Family Member Sexually Assaulted Young Girl

PERKASIE, Pa. (CBS) — A high school is apologizing following an inappropriate math question about a girl being sexually assaulted by a family member.

A math question on a homework assignment given to students at Pennridge High School asks, “Angelou was sexually abused by her mother’s ___ at age 8, which shaped her career choices and motivation for writing.” After doing the math, the answers were boyfriend, brother or father.

A number of parents complained to the Pennridge School District about the question.

The district said the assignment was “downloaded from a website that allows teachers around the world to share educational resources.”

“It is not part of our approve curriculum,” the district said in a statement.

The district apologized for the question and said they have taken steps to make sure that never happens again.


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  1. Ryan De Ment says:

    Obviously, you people do not have better things to report. Why don’t you speak to the teacher who distributed rather than the WHISTLEBLOWER who posted a picture using a snapchat caption on twitter. Better yet, why not speak to who created it directly…


  2. Cory Lebow says:

    They are teaching a biography about a prolific American Writer and Civil Rights Activist. Had you been taught deductive reasoning and problem solving skills you could have used the picture posted to conclude that not only was this a math evaluation, but also a lesson in American History and Literature. Kudos to whoever came up with this test.

    1. Don’t YOU apply deductive reasoning, sweetheart? The district admitted that this was inappropriate. Keep your fatuous Social Just Us to you and your own family, dear. Math is a firm discipline not suitable to appropriation for indoctrination. Why should our children be forced, in the course of a math class, to idolize a woman who also openly supported Fidel Castro? Do you have a *math* equation for that? And, btw, dear, what is the worldwide standing of American students in math ability? Thanks to the insistence of folks like you to hijack academics into mere venues for leftist propaganda that is not backed by reality, our kids can’t even make change or understand how to balance a checkbook. Save your kudos for the dimwitted in your own circle; the rest of us want our kids to be able to function and thrive using reasoning and facts.

  3. Chuck Homler says:

    OMG! Read the questions? Who was born in St. Louis, raped by her mom’s boyfriend at age 8, which influenced her writing, has the name Angelou…The math question was used to do a fill in the blank to the biography of the poet Maya Angelou! This is not fiction, while maybe not the best choice for teaching the life of a Pulitzer prize winning Poet, this is her bio.

  4. It’s probably a hoax. I am guessing a student found this test on the Internet, thought it was funny, downloaded it and then shared it with others. It’s easy to find the resource. It’s at the “TeachersPayTeachers” website. It went viral on Facebook over a year ago. I contacted this website over this content. They said they were unaware of it.

  5. Bill Weber says:

    Did anyone look at the question after the sexual abuse question? “She worked as a pimp, prostitute, and…” What are they teaching at this school?

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