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Union Members Canvass Votes For November; Campaign Against Sexual Assault

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Hundreds of union members who support women’s issues gathered to stand against politicians who disrespect women or turn a blind eye to those who do.

Over 400 members of 32BJ, the Service Employees International Union, gathered here on Frankford Avenue, in an effort to hold lawmakers accountable for supporting politicians who make crude remarks about women.

“We’re gonna show Trump, Taylor and Toomey that we are the purple storm here in Philadelphia,” said Mid-Atlantic Union district director Daisy Cruz.

She said union members got on buses to canvas for lawmakers who support their best interest.

“And they’re knocking on these neighborhood doors, making sure that people come out and vote, making sure that they know all the facts about the candidates that are actually running.”

She said lawmakers who don’t respect women, won’t fight for women once in office.

“Some of the stuff that I hear, it’s just crazy,” she said. “You can’t even believe half of the stuff that these men are actually getting away with; let a woman even try to say something like that and forget it.”

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  1. Hank Maglio says:

    why,,,doesn’t hillary want 60,000 refugees a year in this country,,,don’t they rape,,,torture,,abuse,,burn , beat women,,,and she will raise up those taxes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hillary’s Refugee Proposal Would Run Taxpayers $400 Billion

    3:29 PM 06/27/2016
    Syrian refugees at the Turkish border (Getty Images) Syrian refugees at the Turkish border (Getty
    Hillary Clinton’s proposal to accept an additional 65,000 Syrian refugees annually could potentially cost $403 billion in lifetime costs if implemented all four years in a hypothetical first term.

    That’s according to a new analysis released Monday by the Senate subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

    Currently, the Obama administration is planning to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in fiscal year 2016, which ends September 30.

    In total, the Obama administration is planning to take in 85,000 refugees, while the original plan was to take in 100,000 refugees. Clinton’s proposal would potentially increase that number to 155,000 refugees entering the United States annually.

  2. But yet when Hillary gets millions from the Saudis, and treat woman as second class, behead them in public, they still support Hillary. We are laughing at them in Minnesota!

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