Film Workers Work To Bring Production Union To Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA. (CBS) — A push to bring a motion picture and TV production Union to Philadelphia.

A lot of film crew workers in Philadelphia say a New York union is using unfair practices to keep movies and shows from taping in Philadelphia. Sharon Pinkenson with the Greater Philadelphia Film Office said Philadelphia is being left out.

“We currently are under the jurisdiction of New York local 52. They’ve basically closed the door to Philadelphia potential members.”

Pinkenson said a few dozen crew workers in Philadelphia are looking to start a union in South East Pennsylvania so they can, and bring a lot of lost work back to Philadelphia.

“We’d like to support their efforts to having a our own local,” she said.  “There are not a lot of other places that have jurisdiction by a local that’s unfriendly to expanding the business in our area.

Pinkenson said there has been a decline in business coming to the city.

But there are some major movies and shows that plan on shooting here in the near future.

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  1. joseph sarao says:

    She does not have a clue of what she is talking about. The reason we dont get film work in Philly and NY does is becuse PA dont have a multi year film tax credit like NY and other states offer. Productiuon wants to go to states that offer this to them. PA does a year to year tax credit, for about 50 million, compared to NY which is around 450 million a year. and it brings some film work , mostly to the Pittsburgh area. TV shows will never film here becuse they want to know if a show gets picked up it will be able to guarantee a tax credit.

    Dont blame the union. They are not to blame. Remember when you point a finger three are pointing back. Prehaps we need new blood in the film commision that can convince Harrisburg to do a muliti year tax credit and steer the work away from Pittsburgh.

    1. thatguy says:

      The multi year credit fails to take into account the pace of production at the other end of the state, you can’t claim that it only has an effect here and not on Pittsburgh. There are a lot of issue at play here and yes, it would be helpful to have a promise of a multi year film tax credit or an increase in the level of credit but the issues here in Philadelphia are real and not a state problem.

      1. oldpiney says:

        you say there are issuse other that the tax credit. what are they. yes Pittsburgh seems to get their fair share of work. Is it being directed there for a reasons? yes we all know the film commision is going to whats best for them in order to keep there jobs.
        But to say its the unions fault is totaly off base. do we have the case of some film students who graduate from school and think they can walk right in and be at the top. I have worked with may graduates and most , not all, will begin th day with ‘ I graduated from film school and I wrote and directed a film” and for the rest of the day tell whoever will listen th same thing. they dont want to work “below the line” like most IATSE members do for their whole career. They want to be writers, directors,and production managers.If thats the case then work as a PA and get paid 100-125for a 12-16 hour day with no benefits in the hopes that you “hit the jackpot” one day and get that high paying jobs.then you can be ” worker friendly to the workers. If you want to be a grip, electrican etc. then pay your dues and work on low budget stuff until you get your foot in the door and work your way to a union card. It well worth it.

        If the problem is some disgruntled union members who think that NY dont care about them is off base. They fight for work in their jurisdiction which includes Philadelphia and Connecticut. Connecticut has a decent tax credit and get it fair share of work. It would be a big difference if we had a bigger multi year credit. There would be enought work for all and new members would be needed. If you had 2-3 tvshows/films being shot in each area and everyone would be happy.

        I am a union member who lives in the Philadelphia district. I traveled for many years to NYC in order to have steady work. There is plenty of work available and Philadelphia members are welcome. Yes we would all like to work in our back yards but sometimes you have to travel to where the work is or find something elsd to do. Thats show biz. If it were easy everyone could do it.Prehaps the next time a reporter write about this subject they should get both sides of the story so the reader knows the real story.

  2. thatguy says:

    Did you reach out to the Local Philadelphia IASTE 52 rep? Michael Barnes, the president of Local 8, Philadelphia’s stagehands union, and a regional representative for Local 52.

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