By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Fire Department is observing Fire Prevention Week with a unique fire drill.

On Wednesday evening, the department simulated a fire at the home of the Green family in West Philadelphia.

Lisa Desamour with the Philadelphia Fire Department says the drill not only allowed the Green family to implement their home escape plan, it also let the firefighters who showed up to the scene go through their procedures.

“It’s what to do in the situation of a fire breaking out in your home,” said Desamour.

Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel says this event is all about educating people on what they should do to protect their families in case they find themselves in a fire.

“What it takes to get out and stay out, to have a home escape plan,” the commissioner said. “Certainly we want everyone to have smoke alarms on every level of their home and to test those weekly. We certainly want everyone to practice fire safe behavior.”

Commissioner Thiel says staying safe during a fire is a team effort.

“We really do need everybody in the city to help us help you,” he said, “and remember that fire is everyone’s fight.




Smoke Alarms
• Should be installed in an area of the home near to where you sleep
• Lithium-battery alarms last 10 years
• Install a smoke alarm on each level of the home
• Perform a monthly test by pressing and holding the test button for 4-5
• Change 9-volt batteries every six months. Whenever you change your
clock for daylight savings time, change your battery too!
Leave the house when the ALARM Sounds
• FEEL THE DOOR – A “too hot to touch door” means the fire is outside the
• CRAWL if you get caught in smoke.
• Treat all alarms as a real emergency.
Once Out – Stay Out
• Don’t stop for valuables or to get dressed. IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE !
• NEVER go back into a burning house
• Go to your pre-designated meeting area.
• If you live in an apartment or condominium, ALWAYS use the exit stairs.
NEVER an elevator. Close the door as you leave the room.
• Once out, call for help from the outside
Prepare – Prepare- Prepare
• Create a Home Escape Plan
• Plan and practice two (2) ways out of each room
• Consider y

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