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Interior Design for Men…It’s Easier Than You Think

Whether it’s a man cave, a garage where that muscle car is perpetually tuned up, or the bedroom, masculine interiors can be tough to nail down.  A masculine room is a cool space, with a vibe that’s inviting, no matter what style you prefer, from minimalistic, serene, and hipster to colorful and luxurious.  Your first tip? Minimalism and natural materials will make your bachelor’s pad sleek while evoking inviting warmth.

Include Your Favorite Design Touches

For a bedroom, consider a suede headboard, custom-made European oak bed, and white cowhide rug to soften the clean, minimalist design. Even with a sleek, simple design scheme, the bedroom should be a soft place to land at the end of a long day. Add a throw blanket and cushions to create something comfortable and cozy. After all, that’s what makes a house a home.

Show Your True Colors

For a color palette, guys tend to feel more comfortable with a range of white, gray and black. So think about adding color with a piece of artwork or an accessory rather than a big, splashy red wall or bright bedding. And be sure to balance out the neutrals. Black and gray can be a bit harsh for a bedroom, so to soften, introduce natural materials like linen, wool and natural stone. Remember, traditional dark colors and black and white color schemes offer a chic look, but if you need some color, there are some exceptional variants available in different colors.

Let Window Coverings Highlight Your Style

From modern, sleek Roller Shades, which offer simplistic design, lighting control, and effective privacy options, to the timeless appeal and luster-rich look of artisan-inspired Shutters, 3 Day Blinds provides an impressive selection of masculine design solutions. We even have Drapery and Shades, with the latest fabrics, patterns and textures. Keep in mind, with their large space, your windows can play a major factor in designing your bedroom.

Consider Your Audiovisual Equipment

Having a TV and gaming console in your bedroom can disrupt sleep, so make sure these devices can be easily put away when it’s bedtime. TV cabinets, built-in wall systems, and screens that drop down from the ceiling are all worth considering. There are several smart-looking design systems available that offer quick yet attractive concealment of video screens and other AV equipment, so be sure to plan for a clutter-free look.

Display your stuff

Your hobbies are important to you — surfboards, vintage guitars, stereo equipment and old cameras, think about the things you collect and how you will want to incorporate them into your design. With careful thought and some basic design “101” positioning, your collectables will complement your room design while reflecting your own, unique personality.

Follow Function

Guys want a place for everything. We want the plugs right in the bedside table for our phones and devices. So figure out where your devices will go and make sure you have a place for them. You can also make use of under-bed storage and closet storage to reduce clutter and keep things organized.

Designing your bedroom with you in mind isn’t hard, and it’s even easier with 3 Day Blinds. Call us today for your FREE in-home design consultation. You’ll see why for nearly 40 years we’ve been atop the leaderboard in providing personalized service in custom window treatments.


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