Former Sanders Supporter Aims To Get More African-Americans To Vote Republican

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Bernie Sanders turned Trump supporter has started an effort to convince urban voters to give Republicans a second look. He’s put up some cash — hoping it’ll get attention.

“Is it about what a man says– or what they do,” says Bruce Carter, as he spoke to potential voters on North Broad Street. His goal is to get more black voters — like 24-year-old Donye Randall — to vote for Republicans.

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“I hear what you’re saying,” says Randall, “but I’m not supporting Trump man.”

“We need to stop being labeled by a party,” says Carter. He is founder of Black Men for Bernie. But after Bernie Sanders conceded the race to Hillary Clinton, he decided to join the Republican Party. Unfortunately, for him, he says the outreach to African-American voters was minimal.

“The Republicans suck– they have no way to get into urban communities,” he says, “they have done a horrible job at trying to expand their base among black communities.”

So Carter started Republicans for Urban Communities, tapping Republican donors to invest in initiative– “Earn My Vote.”

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“We created a fund where we travel the country going into the urban community,” says Carter, who claims he got funding from a conservative donor in Florida. He says his group will award two $5,000 grants to African-Americans; one to a single mom starting a new business and another for an existing business in need of expansion.

“This is something no party has ever done,” says Carter, “invest directly into the community that you want to earn your vote.”

Philadelphia is the first stop in this multi-city tour. Carter hopes it starts a conversation about a Republican partnership with the inner city, and more votes for Donald Trump.

“I’ve been told — ‘hey I don’t care if he’s a racist,'” says Carter, ‘if there’s a partnership, we in.'”

“I like Trump– always have,” says Alayna Johnson, who lives in North Central Philadelphia. The single mom says she’s admired Donald Trump since the 1980s.

“I don’t know why people don’t like him,” she says, “I think he’s a smart businessman.”

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Johnson hasn’t been deterred by Trump’s comments about women. Instead, she’s more interested in starting her own small business. She is waiting for her tax return, but will apply for the grant and hopes she wins.

“The job situation has been bad,” she says.

Carter will award the grants this week. He’ll then take the idea on the road.

“I’ll be back,” he says. “We want to prove investment works.”

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One Comment

  1. Unfortunately, if blacks legally vote for Trump in a predominately black precinct their vote will be ‘lost, miscounted, disqualified or thrown out’. Clinton will receive more than 100% of the vote and Trump will get zero votes as happen with Obama-Romney, thanks to the Soros/Obama/Clinton Cabal.

  2. Larry Noble Stinson says:

    Do we know that Martin Luther King was in fact and reality a Republican?

  3. Rashad Smith says:

    Democrats get powerful and rich off of black America!! The democrats have done NOTHING but hurt blacks! Time for a change time to give democrats the finger!

  4. Team USA says:

    Fed up with the establishment’s worms? Then Trump is the ULTIMATE protest vote to backlash their stench, period. End of debate.

  5. Bill Williams says:

    Trump is sometimes crude.
    Clintons are ALWAYS corrupt, greedy, evil and criminal-minded.

    Now, choose.

  6. JP says:

    Besides NOTHING, what has the Democrat party done for the Black community in the last 60 years?

  7. The black community has just as much talent (if not more) as every other ethnic group yet they choose to listen to the lies of the demorats who are responsible for their enslavement in poverty. I just don’t understand why they won’t take a chance to see if change can work for them but unfortunately I think the mentally is still the same…..I’ll never forget the obama phone lady and other obama supporters who were jubilant at his election proclaiming that he was going to pay for their gas for their phones, for their rent or mortgage……………so it must true that the black community is lost forever because they are so brain washed by the demorats………… what are they going to do when the Hildabeast opens up the borders if elected…..their current poverty stricken situation will get a whole lot worse when the few jobs they can find are taken by illegal and legal immigrants. Wake up America and take a chance………………trump 2016

  8. Joe E in the IE says:

    Next headline:

    Former Sanders Supporter Subject of DoJ Probes, IRS Audits

  9. Machismo says:

    Black Voters – You are the legal Americans. We are united (White folk) with you to keep your jobs. You will not keep them, or be forced to work contract like me (Over 50yr old White man)
    Your kids will compete against illegals that Obama imported from Mexico, the Middle East, China.
    Your Women will be oppressed by Sharia Law, and your freedom to worship the God of your choice will end with Hillary. Once she allows Sharia law, it’s all over for America, and Freedom.
    Hillary will not shut down the Black killing field called “Planned Parenthood” She does not care about Black Babies, or Embassy personnel no mater their race. Please Vote Trump for your Future.

    1. Uncle Peter says:

      1876. That’s the number of black babies MURDERED in their mother’s womb EVERY DAY. That is 684,740 abortions every year. This is the true legacy of the Democratic party. They have always been evil. From slavery to Jim Crow, to the KKK, to segregation, and to resistance to the Civil Rights laws of 1964.

  10. stevevogelnu says:

    How can I help? I have wanted do do something like this in Kansas City, but can’t quite come up with a workable plan.

  11. Clayton Char says:

    He has finally seen the light in the Democratic Party’s tunnel and it’s the light of an oncoming train.

  12. Anna Kovacs says:

    Bruce Carter, what can I do to help?

  13. One American says:

    This may be the last chance for black Americans to flee the oppression of the Democrat plantation they have been imprisoned in for 50 years.

    Donald Trump is fighting for you, to help you prosper, along with all other Americans!

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

  14. gunnyginalaska says:

    Dear Black Americans,

    You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by voting for Trump!

    1. tanya says:

      Sadly, too many blacks have been brainwashed to be satisfied with “the four year pat.” Every four years, the Democrats come around and pat black people on the head for their vote. After the election, the Dems promptly disappear.

  15. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Do YOU feel safer in your community now versus 8 years ago? If not it is because of Democrats.

    Think about that when you vote!

  16. Jean says:


  17. nogard says:

    Lying hillary will win the election by receiving the majority of votes with over 140% of the available voters voting.

  18. pippy says:

    As Trump said, what do you have to lose? All the D party has done for blacks in 50 years is keep them poorly educated and living in neighborhoods with rampant crime.

  19. I want Trump, but he’s going to lose the electoral college has him losing big time. Its over, but great gesture anyway

    1. Ozzonelayyer says:

      Sean, you obviously put a lot of stock in establishment polls. These are run by establishment media outlets. They are anti-Trump because he isn’t establishment.

      Tell you what, do some research on the 1980 presidential polls. The establishment media did not want Reagan to beat Carter so they rigged the polls giving Carter a 5-6 point lead right up until the election.

      Reagan won 44 states in a landslide. Carter was crushed. The polls never said that was even remotely going to happen.

      So, remember, the polls are the ones making electoral predictions. The same polls that say Hillary and Trump are neck and neck (and many say Hillary is ahead).

      You can believe the polls or realize that the polls are rigged. Open your eyes.

  20. stephen duval says:

    Trump is offering to partner with the black community to get rid of black criminals. Hillary is offering to partner with black criminals to prevent to police force from protecting law abiding blacks.

    Trump is offering to stop illegal immigration that drives down wages. Hillary supports open borders.

    Trump wants to kill bad free trade deals with cheaters and bring back US jobs. Hillary wants TPP and export of US jobs.

    Trump wants school choice so that parents can pull their kids out of failing public schools that can not even provide physical security to the children.

  21. We need more “Bruce Carter’s”.

  22. Eco Tokyo says:

    If every professional athlete taking a knee during the national anthem at sporting events took a page from Mr. Carter’s playbook, there would be a lot more hope in poor inner city communities. Kudos to Mr. Carter for making lemonade out of lemons. Sanders is too liberal for me, but I think he had some integrity (despite the lake house purchase).

  23. Maxwell says:

    It takes bold & courageous men like Bruce Carter to make a difference ..just as it took Jackie Robinson and Dr. King to do. Too many people become complacent with the status quo and remain bound to the rhetoric that ultimately keeps them needy. People need to stop being talked-at and start being listened to, if someone tells you something do your homework and find out if they’re being completely honest with you and worth listening or deserving of your support.

    When urban communities continue to elect Democrats and continue living a poor quality of life ..that community needs to not only demand change but use their power to make a change, simply changing the faces on those with the same political beliefs doesn’t cut it.

    The problem is not always those other guys ..Bruce Carter gets it.

  24. gardenstateed says:

    Everyone in the black community needs to start thinking for themselves. For too long, they’ve listened to their leaders (Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson) regarding their vote. Those have been paid off by the Democrat party. They got paid to deliver the black vote. And they did THAT by convincing the black community that the GOP hates blacks, they did not do it by demonstrating how good things have gotten under the Dems, because they haven’t. Wake up. The Dems are the party of bankers/lawyer and lobbyists.

  25. Apparently, these black urban communities are too full of stupidity to realize that they have been played like fiddles by the left. All they hear is the promise of more freebies. But they don’t see how they are simply being enslaved… fully dependent upon the gov. The conservatives are offering them a chance at much more, but it is not free. They have to work and contribute, and they don’t like the sound of that.

  26. jnsesq says:

    “The Republicans suck– they have no way to get into urban communities,” he says, “they have done a horrible job at trying to expand their base among black communities.”

    Yeah, the party does suck — they won’t even support their nominee. According to Politico, the RNC has spent $0.00 — ZERO DOLLARS — in TV ads in support of Trump since he won the nomination.

    I don’t vote for these treacherous clowns — I vote anti-Democrat. And if more blacks like Mr. Carter started paying attention to deeds, not words, there would be a bright, new day in America.

  27. Matt says:

    Bruce Carter – You need to contact a man named Wayne Bradley. He is running a Republican Outreach center in the city of Detroit. It is a party funded office that was specifically set up to reach out to the local minority population.

  28. We should all demand just one Change, to End the Marijuana Prohibition and let the folks grow their own welfare. The pot laws are the number one reason the cops use to criminalize the youth when they should be protecting the people and their Grows. Come on, stop complaining about what the politicians will give up, We can grow our own prosperity. Folks will make money and invest that money in themselves and the community. This is our liberation, let us all unite. Black leaders have power, now use it to break the chains ……

  29. Joe says:

    Blacks that vote for Democrats are just modern day house slaves being used by their political masters. If they want freedom and independence they would vote Republican.

    1. Joe,

      I think cutting it along party lines is not the right approach. There are many Republicans who are siding with the leftist, globalist progressives. If black people really want to be empowered and independent, they need to vote in some true, Jeffersonian-Libertarian conservatives. The progressive experiment on black America has failed miserably.

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