Drexel Students With Climate Change On Mind Mount Voter Registration Drive

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On this final day to register to vote in Pennsylvania, a group of Drexel University students with climate change among their concerns staged a registration campaign at a familiar campus landmark.

John Lazars, a field organizer for Next Generation Climate, worked with students manning a table under a canopy at the Drexel Dragon statue at 33rd and Market Streets.

Lazars says the goal of the event was to get people committed to carrying out their civic duty on November 8.

“We’re here to make sure every single person is voting and as students they’re busy,” he said. “We want to make sure they know they have the right to vote here if they want to.”

Here as in Philadelphia, where they go to school, even if they live elsewhere and are registered there.

Lazars says his group has been busy in the closing days of the deadline both at Drexel and Penn.

“We pull either 50 or 100 a day here on these campuses. They’re large campuses,” he said. “As for the other groups, I know they’re getting less.”

Lazars adds after the paperwork is signed the students are encouraged to keep climate change in mind as an issue when they head to the voting booth next month.

“Once they’ve registered to vote, we ask them to commit to vote for the climate,” he said. “We act politically to stop the impending climate disaster.”

New Jersey’s deadline for voter registration is next Tuesday, while in Delaware it’s this coming Saturday.

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  1. Jesse Peterson says:

    An Inconvenient Review: After 10 Years Al Gore’s Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate
    Michael Bastasch
    9:36 PM 05/03/2016

    It’s been nearly one decade since former Vice President Al Gore released his film “An Inconvenient Truth.” It sent shockwaves through American politics and emboldened environmental activists to push for more regulations on American businesses.

    Gore warned increasing carbon dioxide emissions would spur catastrophic global warming that would cause more extreme weather, wipe out cities and cause ecological collapse. To stop global warming, humans needed to ditch fossil fuels and basically change every aspect of their lives.

    Watching “An Inconvenient Truth” is sort of like going back in time. Back to a world where flip phones were cool and “Futurama” was still putting out new episodes. A world where a bitter presidential candidate was trying to rebrand himself as an environmental crusader.

    But have Gore’s warnings, which were alarming to many in 2006, come true?

    In honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary, The Daily Caller News Foundation re-watched “An Inconvenient Truth” just to see how well Gore’s warnings of future climate disaster lined up with reality.

    Gore’s been harping on global warming since at least the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2006 he discovered a way to become massively wealthy off making movies about it and investing in government-subsidized green energy.

  2. Jesse Peterson says:

    LOL! Even the clowns who invented the AGW scam now admit it’s a fraud.

    1. Jesse Peterson says:

      James Lovelock, Godfather of Green: Climate Change Religion is Bunk
      by James Delingpole1
      Oct 2016

      James Lovelock, inventor of Gaia Theory and godfather of the modern environmental movement, has finally renounced the green religion.

      Climate alarmism, he says, is not “remotely scientific”; one volcano could make more difference to global warming than humans ever could; the computer models are “unreliable”; greens have behaved “deplorably”; and anyone who tries to “predict more than five to ten years is a bit of an idiot.”

      Though this is not the first time Lovelock has rowed back on his earlier climate catastrophism – in 2012 he was already admitting “I made a mistake” – it’s his most emphatic rejection yet of the green litany.

      Lovelock, 97, ascribes the dramatic change in his once fervently alarmist beliefs to the fact that he has “grown up.”

      1. Jesse Peterson says:

        Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 – they were wrong
        By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor
        8 October 2016 • 8:57am

        Dire predictions that the Arctic would be devoid of sea ice by September this year have proven to be unfounded after latest satellite images showed there is far more now than in 2012.

        Scientists such as Prof Peter Wadhams, of Cambridge University, and Prof Wieslaw Maslowski, of the Naval Postgraduate School in Moderey, California, have regularly forecast the loss of ice by 2016, which has been widely reported by the BBC and other media outlets.

        Prof Wadhams, a leading expert on Arctic sea ice loss, has recently published a book entitled A Farewell To Ice in which he repeats the assertion that the polar region would free of ice in the middle of this decade.

        As late as this summer, he was still predicting an ice-free September.

        Yet, when figures were released for the yearly minimum on September 10, they showed that there was still 1.6 million square miles of sea ice (4.14 square kilometres), which was 21 per cent more than the lowest point in 2012.

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