PA Politicians Want To Give More Second Chances To Those With Criminal Records

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — Politicians in Pennsylvania want to make it easier for those with criminal records to get second chances.

Incarcerated felons are actually allowed to seek a pardon from the state. Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack said most people don’t know that. Many also don’t know how to properly have old offenses expunged from their record.

“We need to help people get back into the work force, get into good jobs and be able to turn their lives around so that we don’t have to spend that money on other social programs like prisons.”

He said it’s a priority of the Wolf Administration to help non-violent offenders move on with their lives. State Senator Daylin Leach said those who have made mistakes in their lives deserve a shot at redemption.

“I certainly made mistakes when I was young and I would hate to think that would condemn me for my entire life not being able to work in a school or work in a hospital or have to check a box everytime that I seek employment, saying that I have a criminal record,” Leach said.

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  1. Hank Maglio says:

    vote these politicians out,,,,put them in prison,,,,,once a criminal,,,always a criminal,,,,,,vote them out,,,,,,,

    1. Jesse Peterson says:

      Crooked Hillary and her enablers need to partake of the “social program” called prison.

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