Report: FDA Not Doing Enough Regulate E-Cigarettes

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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — E-cigarettes are becoming a greater health issue in this country and there is definitely money to be made by the sale of e-cigarettes.

The FDA has been tasked with regulating the products, but researchers reporting in the Journal JAMA Pediatrics warn that not enough may be getting done and say if the FDA is serious about limiting the uptake of e-cigarettes by young people, it must address its failure to restrict advertising aimed at teens and young adults, as well as ban flavorings that attract them to the products.

A piece of legislation called the deeming rule allows the FDA to regulate e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco and cigars —all of which have significant negative impact on health. The rule has banned sales of e-cigarettes and the other products to minors and it will also require warning labels and prohibit health claims on the products.

The concern is the rule did not extend the ban by congress on television advertising to vaping products or otherwise limit marketing that targets teens and young adults.

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  1. Sharyn H says:

    I quit a 30+ year smoking addiction by using ecigs- I am almost 2 years cigarette free and have never felt better. I vape 3nic and love candy,fruit and bakery flavors, I do not want to be reminded of menthol and tobacco flavors, which by the way are the only cigarette flavors there are and as a teen I became addicted, . It is more than the nicotine- it is the hundreds of other chemicals in cigarettes too! Still with vaping and nicotine, I needed willpower to stay from smoking and while vaping is not 100% safe in is at least 95% safer than smoking!
    You worry about kids seeing vape commercials, I have seen 3 in the last year- but I guess it is OK for kids to see thousands of Alcohol commercials, I am sorry but alcohol kills , maims and ruins lives and keeps the police,lawyers,court systems, insurance companies, hospitals and rehabs busy!
    Children need to be taught by their parents right from wrong, good or bad, and if children want to smoke,vape or drink alcohol- they will find a way, I know because I was a kid once myself and I learned by watching my parents-

  2. Paul Norton says:

    Everything Clint just said plus the FDA was not “Tasked” to regulate E-Cigarettes; then took that one on all by their lonesome. ECigs are not tobacco products, have no place in the Tobacco control act. Period.

  3. Clint Maas says:

    So basically you’re saying people should keep smoking or take up smoking? Why do all these type of stories include the part of protecting the children. This is the job of parents and besides, kids will do what they want. You claim to be a doctor but seem to ignore all the studies that show two things, vaping is safer than smoking and yes, it is a very effective way to stop smoking. If the FDA should be concerned about safe packaging and proper manufacturing practices. That is where it needs to end. Lastly, do you think adults do not like candy flavors? Think about that next time you are in the candy isle in a store and see all the adults. Dr. Brian McDonough, as a doctor, you took an oath to do no harm….articles like this are the contrary.

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