PPA Vows To Tighten Reins On Uber & Lyft, Relax Taxi Regulations

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Parking Authority is going to go after ride sharing services in the city while relaxing regulations imposed on taxis in the city.

The new mindset was outlined on Tuesday as the PPA prepares to enforce prohibition of services like Uber and Lyft.

“While we understand that TNC services (Uber X and Lyft) are very popular with the public and many elected officials want to see them continue, with the expiration of Act 85, TNC service in now illegal in Philadelphia and the PPA is committed to enforcing the law” said PPA Deputy Executive Director Corinne O’Connor in a released statement.

“As a result, the PPA is providing 48 hour notice that it will resume enforcement against illegal TNC service in Philadelphia,” she added.

O’Connor also announced the waiving of a number of current taxi regulations.

  • With an approved camera installed, taxi operators may remove their shields.
  • The PPA will increase the mileage limit for taxis to 350,000, but vehicles must remain 8-years-old or younger.
  • The requirement for semi-annual inspections is waived until a vehicle hits 200,000 miles.
  • The requirement for two-way radios is being waived, but they will enforce the panic switch for drivers.
  • Drivers can use stand-by vehicles in the event of an issue with their approved vehicle.
  • Will allow all driver training to be done by operators or third parties, provided that a training program and syllabus is first approved.
  • The PPA invites new considerations for meter technology.
  • The PPA invites consideration for alternative rate arrangements.

It is unclear what the regulations against ride-sharing apps will mean for commuters in the city. The popularity of apps like Uber has been something that the city has dealt with for some time now as taxi drivers continue to fight back against the rise of those services.


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  1. PPA have nerve to go after Uber and Lyft and to shut them down! Look the corruption in their place of business! They are getting rid of people left and right and retiring some with severance pays.Look what happen to the Director of PPA ! The Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women is calling for Vince Fenerty to be removed as director of the Philadelphia Parking Authority after it recently came to light that he was fined for sexually harassing a subordinate. They not LEGALLY CORRECT AND HAVE NOT BEEN FOR SOME YEARS!

  2. They are making a living by working as a cab service, taking care of their families like the cab drives of Philadelphia.This should not turn into a ugly drag out fight of a taxi service that a lot of people including myself like.They are faster and convenient and the price is not bad either. For one thing when Uber and then Lyft arrive in Philadelphia,New York, San Francisco,etc. the laws should had been put in place to comply.If not then they either stay and sign the agreement or leave the city from the beginning. Amazing that it went on this long to turn negative.We all know completion comes in every company there of.Look at At&t and Verizon competing.This just needs to settled peacefully not nasty!

  3. CarmanASgro says:

    It is about time to bust UberX & Lyft like gangbusters. I want to hear them cry that they are not only illegal in the city but the state. I want to hear how they not only lost their cars but their insurance for operating a commercial vehicle without commercial insurance and laughed no one would find out. I want to laugh when they default on their loans or financing new cars they flaunt at the expense of commercial insurance. And once they loose their insurance remember it is a $300 fine for insurance fraud.

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