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Kanye West Reschedules Philadelphia Show After Kim Kardashian Is Robbed At Gunpoint

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kanye West has canceled and rescheduled two tour dates after his wife Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

LiveNation, promoter of West’s Saint Pablo Tour, announced Monday that a concert scheduled for Tuesday in Philadelphia and another scheduled for Thursday in the Detroit area have been bumped back to December.

West’s tour will resume Friday in Chicago.

Early Monday, armed robbers broke into a private residence in Paris where Kardashian West was staying, bound her and fled with more than $10 million in jewels. She had been in Paris for the city’s fashion week but returned to New York later Monday.

The statement from LiveNation cites “family concerns” as the reason for the postponements.

The Philadelphia show will now be Dec. 13 and the Michigan show Dec. 22.

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One Comment

  1. Hank Maglio says:

    what a cry baby,,,,wa wa wa wa wa wa ,,,,what would he do,,,if a relative died,,,,cancel the shsow for the year,,,,,,so why do people give him money,,,,

  2. Linda says:

    Kim K got exactly what her dumb ass deserved!!!!!!

    If she wasn’t always posting her every move and whereabouts on social media-then this so called “robbery” would not have occurred.

    Who in their right mind travels with 10 million dollars worth of jewelry?

    For all we know-this could even be a publicity stunt or better still INSURANCE FRAUD.
    Isn’t Kimye having financial problems of his own???????


    1. Jesse Peterson says:

      +1000. Koo nie was crying poverty a few mumpfs ago.

  3. Jesse Peterson says:

    LOL! Do people actually pay to watch that no-talent, White-hating lunatic?

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