New Report Warns Of Possible PA Voting Machine Issues

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The head of an American cyber security firm released a new report highlighting the most vulnerable states for an election computer hack. At the top of the list is Pennsylvania.

According to the report, prepared by Carbon Black, Pennsylvania is vulnerable because of its voting systems. With just over a month away, elections offices around the state and country are preparing.

“We are urging the states just to make sure that their deadbolts are thrown and their locks are on,” FBI Director James Comey said in a recent testimony in front of congress.

Carbon Black blames the outdated computer systems for the vulnerability in Pennsylvania. Professor Rob D’Ovidio is a cyber security expert with Drexel University and read the entire report. He says many, not all, precincts in Pennsylvania use computer equipment without a backup paper trail.

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“Some of our machines are very outdated running on legacy operating systems, old operating systems like Windows XP that’s not even being supported by Microsoft at this point,” D’Ovidio told Eyewitness News.

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s Office told Eyewitness News that officials are prepared should there be any issues with machines on Election Day.

“We constantly monitor our data and systems for vulnerabilities and attempted attacks in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape,” a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Secretary of State told Eyewitness News.

She said Pennsylvania voting machines are not connected to the Internet.

David Thornburgh, the head the Committee of Seventy in Philadelphia, said while he’s not concerned about someone hacking in to change votes, he is concerned about Pennsylvania computer systems breaking simply because of old software.

“This is the time for our election officials whether they are elected or appointed to stand up and tell us to give us confidence that all will be well on Election Day,” Thornburgh said.

For more on the report, click here.

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One Comment

  1. David says:

    Don’t worry. The Democrats own Pennsylvania. They will make sure that Hillary wins overwhelmingly.

  2. ScottyGunn says:

    I wouldn’t trust FBI director Comey with he time of day anymore. He is a Hillary shill…

  3. iambicpentamaster says:

    Fear not, Mrs. Stainmaker; New Black Panthers will keep whitey away from the Philly precincts.

  4. Not to mention that in some PA precincts Clinton will get more than 100% of the vote while Trump gets not one vote, as happened with Obama-Romney.

  5. Jane Parx says:

    What, are they providing keyboards and disk drives? You can’t just ‘hack’ a computer, you have to have some access to the internals. Try ‘hacking’ the ATM at your bank just by staring at it real hard and see how that works out for you. The only people who could ‘hack’ the machines are the election workers who can open and access the internals, and they could replace all paper ballots with ballots for Adolf Hitler easier than they could ‘hack’ the voting computers.

  6. Pepe LePew says:

    If you drive around PA all you will see are Trump signs. But then again look at 2012. The entire state was red but a handful of counties and HOORAY OBAMA WINS PA!

  7. Comey this is misdirect hardly works for the people, sadly, as we’ve found out, so look for fraud, only in other places. This warning is likely a misdirect. Look for illegal voters who are not US cirizens, Big Fraud in Virginia. watch Wa

    1. Richard1939 says:

      If Comey’s INTEGRITY is anything to go by…Prepare for massive pro-Clinton voter fraud across the entire USA!

  8. OMG! Does this mean 102% of everyone in Philadelphia could vote for Trump?

  9. What a shame there are American citizens who would stoop to vote fraud. It’s depressing.

  10. It might be old fashioned, but I don’t believe ANY State (or District) should be solely reliant on electronic voting machines. There should be a paper trail to follow that holds every ballot for a pre-established minimum period.

  11. New Report Warns Of Possible PA Voting Machine Issues……

    Well considering in 2012 57 precincts in Philly and not 1 vote for Romney, I find that hard to believe not 1 person voted for him in 2012..

    1. Ozzonelayyer says:

      It is statistically impossible. One precinct maybe. Even two maybe. But not 57.

  12. TD Smooth says:

    So do you have to be computer illiterate or just a Moron to be a state or federal Secretary of State?

  13. joechute says:

    FBI Director James Comey can’t be trusted

  14. Vince Foster says:

    Sure we should just let Homeland Security take over voting, what could be wrong with that? They are perfectly trustworthy

  15. The only threat is from a Fed gov’t that wants to mess with the vote, and the people who vote multiple times. Both are not conservative Law-abiding citizens, BTW.

  16. 21061balmor says:

    People who don’t want HRC in the White House are voting ABSENTEE PAPER BALLOTS to make sure their votes are counted and HOPEFULLY not tampered with.  Remember how the Black Panthers in Philly were blocking entry into the voting places and the police did nothing about it. You should be able to walk into your local election board office and get one now.

  17. metoo says:

    This administration has absolutely ZERO concerns about the voting dead, illegal aliens voting, fraudulent absentee ballots or other issues that can be resolved by simple voting ID laws, but for some reason they are concerned about hackers even though there is absolutely no evidence of such a thing ever occurring. Sounds like they are trying to setup a way to discount or overturn the election results if Trump wins by claiming unknown hackers interfered.

    1. I think they’ll try to alter things on the front end of the process, hence the claim that they have to be involved to keep Russia (LOL) from tampering with the election.
      Such a complete crock of bull…

  18. James Mott says:

    Let’s put the election into the hands of Homeland Security. Sure they have failed miserably at their very namesake. We suffer a terrorist attack every month here at home but the agency whiffs on them so completely that it only makes sense to broaden their workload. And under no possible chance could establishment politics have corrupted certain elements of DHS. Impossible,they are better people than those that work at the IRS or the FBI.

    1. Ozzonelayyer says:

      Let’s not and say we did.

  19. I worry more about stuffing boxes and absentee ballots then the electronic thing. Inner cities are prone to fraud using paper.

  20. Jimmy says:

    This just in. . .
    PA goes to Clinton

  21. Wilma says:

    Trump 2016!

  22. Greg says:

    If the machines are not internet-connected, they are not vulnerable to exploits, because the alternative is having to modify each machine by gaining hands-on access to it. If you have hands-on access, you can probably log in to the system, and don’t need to rely on an exploit to hack your way in. In that case, the outdated operating system isn’t really a factor.
    Our machines absolutely should be updated, but the idea that the election results are questionable just because the OS is out of date is an oversimplification (so long as they’re not hooked up to the internet).

    1. Ozzonelayyer says:

      I would prefer to be able to validate and monitor the source code for the machines. That is where the real cheating will happen.

  23. konc2 says:

    Let me put this in a nut shell for you, Hillary wins PA before the voting even begins and some precincts will go 100% for the criminal and the corrupt DOJ will see nothing wrong. The fix is in by the criminal dems.

    1. Dwstick says:

      Agreed. Incidents of voter fraud have already been uncovered in VA and CO, all by ‘progressive’ pro-Clinton groups. You know that these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg; it’s most likely happening in every state.
      Don’t forget the 110%-140% voter turnout reports in certain PA, OH and FL precincts in 2012, and all those investigations that claimed “Nothing to see here! Move along!”
      Step up. Volunteer to help out in some way at your local precinct. Don’t let them steal another election!

  24. says:

    They are preparing to rob PA from Trump, this is the cover story.

  25. OMG–MUST SEE! Hillary Clinton Coughing Rap!! Montage!

    OMG—Must See! Hillary Clinton in THE EXORCIST! Funny!


  26. Jim Stewart says:

    They have not upgraded from Win XP (the most hack-able platform on EARTH)…. what a surprise!

    Look into the configuration of the email and web server (yes she setup both) that Hillary set up at home…. hint: it was NOT the latest version of outlook or IIS with all the updated security patches. In fact, a retired U.S. intelligence officer stated, after discovering the installed software versions:

    “If that server was not hacked by all the intelligence services of the world, then I have lost all respect for the IS of our enemies and I have GREAT respect for those agencies”….. says it all right?

    The complete brain dead security choices, all coincidences / “honest mistakes” …. i’m sure.

  27. Pouncekitty says:

    Every vote in Philly, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg need to be triple checked by independent election judges. DemocRat fraud is the only way Hillary can win PA.

    1. If they find a machine that has been compromised…Shut It Down until it can be checked for validity, Make PA wait on their voting privilege if this fraud is a wide spread State problem. If need be remove electronic voting machines and make them use paper ballots . I’m sure the morally & ethically bankrupt Democratic party will be OK with all this.

  28. Wes says:

    They are trying to make sure that Hillary wins Pennsylvania. They want to pull that states election into the Homeland Security so they can rig it and then get rid of the evidence and claim not to remember or don’t know and all the records were accidentally destroyed. Can’t believe people are still believing that old story. She used it in White Water, Vince Foster and now with her emails.

    1. I think you are right about that. That’s why they floated this foreign influence out there early on so they can claim influence so this Johnson can step in an throw the election for Hag Hillary. It’s important to maintain Obama’s sterling legacy.

  29. David Benner says:

    News Flash: Pennsylvania, especially the city of Philadelphia, is heavily into voter fraud and is already working to get Clinton elected through the voter fraud that is going on right now!. If Democrats cannot steal an election few Democrats would ever win an election.

  30. kek says:

    Switch to paper and demand id dummies.

    1. ItsJo says:

      Insure American Citizens HONEST Elections by USING PAPER IS CORRECT…they can be recounted, and ID’s are NOT what Crooked Democrats want-as Obama AND Holder SUED PA. when the “people voted FOR Voter ID’s.” That proved to me, my homestate is STILL RUN BY CROOKED DEMOCRATS. WAKE UP PEOPLE…We are going to Lose our Republic, if Hillary is put into office(12 Filled Ballot Boxes ALREADY FOUND IN A BASEMENT FILLED WITH VOTES ILLEGALLY FOR ‘HER’) THEY CHEAT IN ELECTIONS, IT’S HOW DEMS WIN. SAME WAY THEY CHEATED W/VOTES FOR AL FRANKEN ‘MIRACULOUSLY FOUND IN THE TRUNK OF A CAR…THOUSANDS, ALL FOR CROOED FRANKEN.’


      1. Kerri Jacobi says:

        I agree. This is just a strawman argument that the Feds are using to try to control this election. We have approx. 9,000 voting districts in the nation. The locals can handle this.

    2. Pouncekitty says:

      Too late for that. DemocRats are already hard at work rigging the machines, stuffing early ballots, digging up dead people, poisoning the internet votes.

      1. Kerri says:

        The Dems won’t have enough dead people and illegals to beat Trump in this election.

  31. Joe E in the IE says:

    Mrs. Clinton, you’re . . . you’re drooling, aren’t you?

  32. Mary Waterton says:

    Why isn’t Pennsylvania equally concerned about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS voting?

  33. Mike Jones says:

    Pennsylvania is vulnerable because of Philadelphians. End of Story, Send to Print. The Dem boss machine in that city is corrupt. It is common knowledge everything west and north of Philly is conservative.

  34. JoeThePimpernel says:

    Comey is instructing the Democrats on how to commit election fraud and get away with it.

  35. pauldia says:

    So how hard is it to institute a paper backup right now. The only real concern is the Presidential election. So order voters to do both,the electronic for all voting including the Presidential election. And a paper backup for JUST the Presidential election. At the end it is very simple to correlate,match and audit. Unless of course,the desired outcome is one which has no backup. Are you cynical?

  36. SharkFL says:

    They are old machines. They are hackable. Breaking into the physical locations is not the problem.

  37. Foncool says:

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
    J. Stalin

  38. 2ndprotectsall says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves, PA is just a minute part of massive voter fraud that will be committed on and before 8 November.

  39. Deplorable Webb says:

    Comey? Comey is owned by the Clinton Crime Syndicate. He’s long been compromised, as is the so-called FBI under the Department of JustUs.

  40. elchucko says:

    Federal elections should be controlled by the federal govt, not states. A universal system with the latest hardware, software AND voter ID. Cull dead people from the files and duplicate entries. Then you’ll have a fair voting system for all.

    1. Swamprat says:

      You are either a troll or the most ignorant person there is about WHY the Federal govt.does not and SHOULD NEVER control our election system. De-centralized elections is what keeps them the fairest regardless of the few districts that manage to cheat or rig things. Like I would trust Obama to stand up there on Nov.9th and say that Hillary won the election and we(everyone appointed by Obama) swear we didn’t cheat when we were counting the votes. Give me a break!

  41. rustyarmor says:

    It is a Russian plot to discredit the Democratic Party, I tells yuh! Now that it is possible they may lose PA, they are going to need some handy legal challenges if they can’t get enough dead votes.

  42. gobolts says:

    Thank you for not fixing the voting machine issues a year ago. Its too late to do anything now. My candidate is having trouble in PA, so we need all the help we can get.

    ~A Clinton supporter.

  43. Roger Shrubber says:

    of course a democrat state would be most prone to criminal activity

  44. JQPublic says:

    Not in Centre County. Republican Board of Commissioners bought a no-paper-trail computer touch screen voting system. Democratic Board replaced it with an optical scan system where the vote tabulations are recorded on paper ballots independent of computers. The optical scan system has been recognized by the League of Women Voters for meeting SARA standards — Safe, Accurate, Reproducible, and Accessible.

  45. Mike Arvand says:

    Voter ID cures most of these issues.

    1. Thet’s why we have noter ID in Airginia

  46. Guest says:

    This article highlights states venerable to computer hacking. It should go on to admit….. “by the democRAT-Communist party operatives.”

  47. Ragnar Bruno says:

    Is this a play to get homeland security in there? Check Carbon Black’s donations.

  48. So now we know how obama had ALL Republican votes deleted in 59 precincts in Philly in 2012. PAPER BALLOTS FOR ENTIRE STATE!

  49. Jason Leeman says:

    Oh yeah, just like when Obama won in those districts with 120%, right? Libs, the cheats and thieves and losers of the country. He “won” in FL too like that. You know the hag and her henchmen are out in full force already.

  50. I am about as qualified as one could be to make the following statement.

    Electronic voting systems are extremely easy to hack, cheat, rig, corrupt, or any other word you choose to use to state they cannot be trusted.

    With degrees in both electronics engineering and computer engineering I understand how every electron flows inside these machines, between these machines, the devices entered into these machines, all of the seven layers of communications which connect them together and to the centers which tally the vote by whichever method they choose. I state with extreme confidence that there is absolutely no way to make electronic voting safe from the cheaters. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is either stupid or a liar, Americans must engage their legislature at the local level and insist that the electronic voting machines be backed up by serialized paper ballots with all the voting choices by the voter listed and an encrypted hash code (encryption based on the serial number) that identifies all the votes placed. The voter can check accuracy before depositing in a lock box. The voter must also receive a paper copy of his or her vote which contains the serial number of the ballot and the unique, private, untraceable hash code that can later be used by the voter to certify their vote was counted accurately in the system. By going later to a central database the voter can anonymously supply the serial number and hash code to check to ensure their vote was accurately counted. Paper trails are necessary to track any issues. The hashes will prove the voter is not making up any claims.

    Current electronic voting is a sham as has been proven in numerous YouTube videos.

    Anything less than this system will be completely useless and unreliable.

    1. Namey Name says:

      That was a lucid, well thought out post. By the time we implement what you propose, the country will already have been destroyed.

  51. Of Course we are vulnerable to “HACKING”! We elected a HACK as Governor!!

  52. jnsesq says:

    In other words, PA goes Clinton.

  53. Deandre says:

    Pennsylvania…where turnout was 110% of registered voters, 100% of which voted for Obama. They must sell fish in PA, because something sure stinks there.

  54. cleo48 says:

    Based on everything I’ve ever read, every precinct in Philly is a locked box in terms of vote. Votes that come out of there are either Democrat or they don’t come out of there at all. What do folks expect to suddenly see there this year? Something different?

  55. Kevin Brent says:

    In other words, Coughing Cankles Clinton is losing badly in PA.

  56. craniumlogos says:

    “Thanks for the tip, Mr. Comey!” – Hillary C.

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