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Allen West: President Obama Provoking Unrest In Charlotte

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former general and Congressman, Allen West, criticized President Obama for his handling of unrest in Charlotte following the controversial police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott earlier this week.

West said the President has the wrong priorities and has not been forceful enough in opposing the rising level of protests.


“Obviously, he’s not watching the news. Probably, he should go and talk to the folks at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and ask them if the protesters was done the right way? This, once again, is a President that’s out of touch and if the President had any real sense of commitment to the rule of law, he would stand up and say allow the process to proceed in the right way. Look at what has happened out in Tulsa. It has gone the right way and now you see that the police officer, they have sat back and conducted an investigation, they have reviewed all evidence and she is going to be charged.”

He believes Obama and the American left are too quick to condemn police officers after high profile shootings.

“They have the tape. The family has seen the tape and the police chief has said this narrative that has been put out there is completely different. The President needs to make a decision. Does he stand for the rule of law or does he stand for mob violence? As I continue to say, I find it just unconscionable how the people on the left will say that in the matters of Islamic terrorism you cannot rush to judgement. You cannot show an impetuous nature. You cannot speak out to soon. But yet, when it’s something that involves our police, that’s exactly what happens.”


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