More Opposition Arises Against Sanctuary Policy Bill

by Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — State Representative Martina White came in for more criticism on Thursday over her bill that would punish Philadelphia for its sanctuary policy on immigrants.

This time, the criticism came from members of her own party.

The bill would open the city to lawsuits and withhold state money unless it ends the policy of not reporting the detention of illegal immigrants to federal authorities.

Mayor Kenney says the policy actually increases safety by encouraging immigrants to work with local authorities, and has denounced the bill as dog-whistling for the Republican party.

But city council republicans have joined him. Councilman David Oh introduced a resolution opposing the bill.

“It affects people in Philadelphia, including the district of the bill’s sponsor,” said Oh.

Another Republican, Al Taubenberger, agrees.

“I think it’s wrong to penalize a whole city. You can discuss it, it’s an issue. But on the other hand, being the child of immigrants, I’m very sensitive to their situation,” he said.

White says the sanctuary policy does more damage, citing a recent child rape charge against a man here illegally.

“These are very heinous crimes that illegal immigrant criminals have committed in our city, and our mayor has drawn that element to our city,” said White.

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One Comment

  1. Jesse Peterson says:

    All these socialist traitors need to be strung up.

  2. Paul says:

    IF just any politician can decide which federal law we can ignore, what is next…can we ignore civil rights laws and ban minority’s? How about gay rights….can we ignore them? can we decide we don’t have to pay federal taxes? When we allow politicians to decide which laws we enforce we become a monarchy

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