Bobby Knight: Donald Trump Is A Problem Solver

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Controversial former college basketball coach Bobby Knight discussed his support for Donald Trump and said he would never have permitted his players to protest during the National Anthem in an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Dom Giordano.

Knight, who retired from coaching in 2008, believes Trump is best suited to solve the problems facing the country.


“This next President we have in gonna inherit a lot of problems. Well, what do we need? We need a problem solver. I’ve been around Trump. I’ve know him for a long time. I’ve followed him in papers and one thing or another and, sure, he probably talks too much sometimes or he gets too upset sometimes, but so did I. But what he brings to the table, no one else has. Trump is not national. He’s international.”

Regarding NFL players protesting during the  Anthem, he said it would not be allowed on his teams.

“I would say that every one of us, no matter where, in athletics or whatever it is, we’re just damn lucky to be Americans. I think that everybody has an opportunity in America. I don’t care, guys whine and complain about this or that, you know, no country affords its inhabitants the opportunities that the USA gives to its people. That kind of thing really bothers me. Were I a coach and owner or whatever, I wouldn’t tolerate that approach on my team.”


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