Bart Scott On Carson Wentz: ‘Fool’s Gold, He’s Played The JV’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Not everyone is on the Wentz Wagon.

While most football fans and analysts have been raving over Carson Wentz, former Jets Pro Bowl linebacker Bart Scott is still skeptical about the Eagles’ rookie quarterback.

“Fool’s gold,” Scott told Damon Amendolara on the CBS Sports DA Show on Wednesday. “He’s played the JV. He could have went and played Towson University and got a harder challenge than playing those two teams. Listen, it’s easy to make good throws when there’s nobody there in your face. It’s not threat. It’s no eminent threat of danger. He’s going to be under pressure. He’s going to be under stressful situations.”

Listen: Wed. 9/21 #1: Bart & DA on the AP Injury / Wentz Success / Don King Comments

The two teams Scott is referring to is, of course, the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears. And while both of those teams are certainly among the worst in the league, Wentz has thrown for 468 yards, 3 TDs, and 0 INTs in his first two games becoming the first ever QB to win his first two starts without his team committing any turnovers.

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This Sunday, the Eagles will face a true test in the 2-0 Pittsburgh Steelers.

“We can go right now,” Scott continued. “We can get the University of Louisville or Houston and they can beat the Browns. Let me tell you something else, he’s playing traditional 4-3 teams. It’s going to get a little difficult. There’s going to be a little trickeration this week. There’s gonna be a lot of pressure to put up 30 points because Ben [Roethlisberger] is gonna sling that thing.”

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One Comment

  1. ROb says:

    Perhaps Bart Scott is a JV analyst that doesn’t know what he is talking about. Look at the game. Rothlesberger couldn’t sling and Wentz and the Eagles blew out the elite defense.

  2. Len says:

    There have been comments (all positive) from all over the league about Carson Wentz. Some by at least 3 of the best quarterbacks in the game, by at least 3 or four of the premier head coaches in the league. These folks are astounded by his poise and leadership, not just for a rookie but a guy who has had so little experience at his position. Who is Bart Scott, and more importantly, who cares. I don’t know what his motives are but he talks like a moron.
    Obviously Wentz is going to face better competition down the road, starting this week and will falter at times, make mistakes and lose games. But he’s going to do what we all must do. Learn from the mistakes and get better at his craft, I think sooner rather than later.
    This guy seems to impress everybody………except Bart Scott.

  3. Brian says:

    Does he realize the Steelers have ONE – count it – ONE SACK so far this year?

  4. Pat F says:

    Is this guy for real? Ok so they weren’t the best teams in the NFL but they are still NFL teams, and did he not watch the bears game, Wentz took a few hits in the pocket while throwing the ball to the receivers. Saying he has not had anyone in his face is bold exaggeration.

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