All CHOP Employees Must Get Flu Shot This Fall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Children Hospital of Philadelphia is employing several strategies to reduce the spread of infection during the upcoming cold and flu season.

It’s mandatory. All employees of Children Hospital of Philadelphia have to get a flu shot this fall.

“Highlighting the importance of having our staff come to work protected and less likely to shed and transmit the influenza virus to our patients.

Dr. Julia Sammons is an infectious diseases physician and medical director for infections prevention and control at the Children Hospital Of Philadelphia.

She says the influenza vaccination requirement as a condition of employment has been in place since 2009.

There are other safeguards in place she says, including screening visitors.

“We not only screen our visitors for illness, so if a visitor is sick with cold or flu symptoms or gastrointestinal symptoms they are not permitted to visit, but we also make an effort to limit the overall volume of persons to visit.”

And members of the media covering events at the hospital are recommended to have their flu shots. They, too, will be screened for illness and limited to non patient care areas.

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One Comment

  1. They don’t work and what happened to having control over ones body? Flu strains are constantly changing so how did they get a vaccine that will work when we haven’t gotten into this new flu season. Healthy folks do not need to do this because our bodies deal with flu all the time. Funny how our species made it this far without a flu vaccine…but again they’ve been proven in effective. So enjoy all those nasty adjuvants and animal proteins/DNA that are load with GMO.

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