Bringing A Car To College May Not Be A Good Idea For Philly Students

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you attend a Philadelphia college, you may want to think twice about bringing your car to campus.

A new study published by personal finance company, Value Penguin, ranked Philly as the third worst college town to have a car in.

Factors like weather conditions, insurance costs and parking expenses were taken into account, as well as the safety of the vehicle when left unattended.

The site focused on drivers who are students at University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, narrowing in on the University City section of Philadelphia. Those that compiled the rankings noted that the parking situation in that area is bad and mostly expensive and the the cost of insuring a vehicle topped the charts.

In general, bigger cities made the “Worst” list and thefts from vehicles helped other colleges like the University of Michigan nab the #1 spot.

Philadelphia too has a fair share of thieves targeting parked cars throughout the city. Many Temple University students have reported their cars being broken into before — sometimes more than once before they graduate, with thieves taking things like radios or book bags.

If having a car at college is in your criteria for choosing a school than you may want to consider colleges in Harrisonburg, Va., — deemed the best college city to have a car.


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  1. Jesse Peterson says:

    I never bring my car there for those very reasons.

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