Bikers Bare All While Pedaling Through Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you thought you saw thousands of people on bicycles nearly naked or fully nude Saturday evening, no need to adjust your glasses.

The Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride returned for an 8th year.

Some participants chose to stay partially clothed…

“…gonna wear my underwear, but we’ll see how crazy it gets.”

But others…

“…I’m wearing a Phantom of the Opera Mask and a Santa Claus hat. Some sneakers, cause my bike pedals are sharp.”

And that was it for that rider

But regardless of what they had on — or didn’t have on — participants like Rebbeca Schmitt can appreciate the uniqueness of the event:

“It’s so fantastic and so rare and you just get to be free. There’s so much things that are taboos and forbidden and it’s really nice to not have to conform to that.”

So she went along with the theme…

“I have a cheeky pink bikini bottom, I’ve got pink pasties on. It’s shocking at first but you can come out of your shell easily. Nobody is here to ogle you.”

Michael took part with his girlfriend, Golden.

“I love being naked and today is the day to do it. I literally have a fanny pack on, above my belly button.”

As for Golden…

“Nude! And I painted myself with flowers.”

Daniel Murphy organized the event. He says it promotes using less fossil fuel as well as body positivity:

“There are a lot of people exercising their freedom to be naked.”

As for all the spectators during the 11 mile ride..

“It’s all about exposure,” Murphy adds.

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