When Courting PA Voters, Is Kaine Clinton’s Secret Weapon?

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — Pennsylvania has gotten a lot of attention, recently, from both major party presidential candidates, but Democrat Hillary Clinton holds on to a comfortable lead in the polls. And she may have a secret weapon in her running mate.

Tim Kaine was a popular governor in Virginia, a purple state, trending blue, much like Pennsylvania. Kaine says the ability to appear non-partisan or bi-partisan, that helped him in Virginia, is an asset in crucial swing states.

“One of the reasons that Hillary picked me as her running mate is, I’ve got a track record at the local state and federal levels but I also have been a proud democrat who’s been willing to work with republicans to find common cause.”

Kaine says it’s especially important in this election, when many mainstream Republicans are unhappy with their candidate.

“You don’t have to bash republicans. You just have to focus on what Donald Trump’s words are and many republicans are uncomfortable and many are supporting Hillary Clinton for that reason.”

Nonetheless, polls have been tightening recently. Kaine says he expected it.

“We expect for them to be close, we plan for them to be close and we consider ourselves the underdog until we’re the winner.”


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  1. Hank Maglio says:

    that’s the stupid pa. voters for ya,,,stop voting for corrupt career politicians,,,vote new ones in every term…..hillary took the wh furniture,,because she wanted to,,,,those career corrupt politicians , always get gifts,,,money,,,favors , or its called lobbying,,so it sounds legal,,,,,,,,

    Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine took advantage of the state’s lax gift laws to receive an $18,000 Caribbean vacation, $5,500 in clothes and a trip to watch George Mason University play in the NCAA basketball Final Four during his years as lieutenant governor and governor, according to disclosures he filed.

    Now a leading contender to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Kaine reported more than $160,000 in gifts from 2001 to 2009, mostly for travel to and from political events and conferences, according to disclosures compiled by the Virginia Public Access Project. The givers included political supporters, a drug company that soon after bought a facility in Virginia, and Dominion, the state’s biggest provider of electricity.

    While legal under Virginia’s unusually permissive ethics rules, the gifts could become attack-ad fodder after similar presents led to corruption charges for Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose conviction the Supreme Court overturned Monday. Republicans could also use the records to portray Kaine as part of the self-dealing establishment in a cycle animated by hostility toward the political class.

    Kaine’s staff and other defenders are quick to note that his gifts did not contain any suggestion of a quid pro quo trade for official favors — a major difference from the McDonnell case, and the key difference between an act of friendship and an act of corruption. And Kaine’s long career in Virginia politics, capped by a stint as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, contained no allegations of corruption.

    “During his eight years as lieutenant governor and governor, Sen. Kaine went beyond the requirements of Virginia law, even publicly disclosing gifts of value beneath the reporting threshold,” a spokesperson said. “He’s confident that he met both the letter and the spirit of Virginia’s ethical standards.”

    But Virginia’s standards are widely perceived as too permissive, especially in the wake of the McDonnell case. And even the appearance of lower standards could become an issue in the national spotlight.

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