What’s Cooking on 1060: Ice Cream Social

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This Sunday, Bartram’s Garden celebrates the end of Honeyfest with their first ever Ice Cream Social.

In addition to celebrating Honeyfest, Aseel Rasheed with Bartram’s Garden says Sunday’s Ice Cream Social is a celebration of Ann Bartram Carr, the granddaughter of John Bartram.

“She would invite people to come out to the garden by boat, she would let them walk the grounds, and then she’d offer them this special treat of the time, which was ice cream.”

Ice cream of that time was different from our ice cream.

“At some point, we found this scrap of paper in our archives that had an old Bartram’s Bitters recipe in it, dating back to the 1830’s and we were able to reproduce it, so we’re gonna include those bitters in our ice cream.”

Spirits will also be served. Steven Grasse of Quaker City Marcantile is bringing two colonial drinks.

“So the Art In the Age Rhubarb Tea, based on John Bartram’s love of rhubarb, and the second is called Root Tea, and that’s based on the original recipe of what became root beer. Root Beer used to be alcoholic and was also called Root Tea.”

The event is from 3-5 p.m. and costs $15.

“And that buys you one cocktail and one ice cream, or the combination of the two in a float.”

If you like the drinks, Grasse’s new book is being released the following Tuesday, September 13.

“It’s called Colonial Spirits: A Guide to our Drunken History, and it’s an elaboration of what we were just talking about here; it’s sort of drink recipes up to the time of the revolution.”


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