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Interview: The Life And Love Of Anthony Green On ‘Pixie Queen’

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In the early hours of Friday morning, Anthony Green is enjoying a rocking chair at a Cracker Barrel in Florida.

“It doesn’t get any better than this” laughs Green. “Just sitting out here rocking.”

The “rocker” is set for a celebratory country breakfast as his latest solo effort Pixie Queen drops today.

You know Anthony as the voice behind bands Circa Survive and Saosin, but he has all along continued a solo career as well. The Doylestown native and Philadelphia favorite’s latest batch of songs is an intimate look into the rollercoaster of relationships in his life – most specifically with his wife.

“Everything about any record or song I’ve ever done is sort-of autobiographical in a way” explains Green over the phone while on tour. However, this set which deals sincerely with the struggles as well as joys of marriage might hit closer to home.

“It’s funny because you’re saying like, oh your wife’s friends are gonna hear the record, what do you think about that? I never thought about that until right now” says Green with astonishment.

“Luckily she is an amazing person and is very free about herself, and we share that together. I don’t think there’s anything on the record that I would be afraid of our friends and family to hear, but it makes it that much more intense to be playing the songs when they’re about something that’s so current in your life and so meaningful.”

Beyond biscuits for breakfast, there is something extra special about this morning for Anthony Green. “I feel extra excitement, like you have on your birthday or that you would have on an anniversary or something” he says about today’s release of Pixie Queen. “It’s a really cool feeling.”

While sorting out feelings on this latest album, Green certainly hasn’t perfected the relationships in his life, but it hasn’t stopped him from working on the formula.

“I think communication is like ninety-five percent of it, but there’s also five percent that I haven’t really figured out yet” describes Green. “It’s not just about communicating, but you really have to absorb what somebody is saying to you. You really have to listen and empathize with other people’s feelings. It can’t come from this place of stacking on top of an ego. You have to be willing to compromise if you’re gonna live in the world with people.”

To hear much more from Anthony Green, check out the full interview below. You can see Anthony Green perform in Philadelphia at Union Transfer on October 1st.



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