Delegate Allegedly Assaulted By Another Delegate At DNC Party Speaks Out

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The victim of an alleged indecent assault that took place at a Democratic National Convention party is speaking out after Philadelphia’s District Attorney announced charges earlier this week.

During a DNC party, Gwen Snyder says a man, “grabs me into this bear hug, and shoves his face down my dress.”

She reported it and says the District Attorney’s office, who initially told her they would not charge anyone.

“They thought that even though it was clear I hadn’t consented, a jury wouldn’t believe that he knew I hadn’t consented, because he had been drinking.”

And that’s when Snyder says she fought back, with a petition and letters.

“Since then, the DA reexamined the case, looked at the video, has contacted eyewitnesses.”

The office released a statement, saying in part that the investigation was incomplete, and that led to the original decision not to prosecute.

They say they reviewed additional video, and charged 74-year-old Walter Weeks with indecent assault.

A request for comment to the suspect’s lawyer has not been immediately returned.

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One Comment

  1. Hank Maglio says:

    whats her problem,,,she better get use to it,,,,,hillary wants 60,000 refugees a year here,,,,and people see , what they do to girls around the world,,,,,that delegate won’t have a say,,,when hilllary pushes that religion law,,,,,,fair game for the men to do what they want to women,,,,,

  2. Jesse Peterson says:

    What else can you expect from Boinie delegates?

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