By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Vice President Joe Biden was honored in Philadelphia Wednesday night for his work trying to find a cure for cancer.

The Vice President lost his son, Beau, to cancer last year, and since then, he’s been a man on a mission supporting research.

The World Affairs Council recognized his work by presenting him with the Atlas Award.

“One regret I have in not running,” Biden said, “I would if I could do anything as President of the United States would be to preside over ending cancer as we know it, because I think it’s possible.

Biden says he’s working to bring cancer researchers together so they can share their work and speed up their progress:

“We have to change the culture of research that turns scientists into grant writers and discourages them from taking risks. It’s not their fault it the way the system works.”

Biden currently has jurisdiction over every agency in the federal government that has anything dealings with cancer.

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