By Dr. Brian McDonough

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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Do you wake up, jump out of bed and then have excruciating pain in your heel?

Plantar fasciitis affects one million people each year and two-thirds of them end up seeing their doctor because they can’t deal with the pain.

Plantar fasciitis affects athletes and non-athletes alike. The pain is usually in the heel and it’s thought to be caused by biomechanical overuse from prolonged standing or running. Most patients say they have heel pain after standing up in the morning or if they have bee sitting for a long period of time. Usually, it gets better with walking, but in some cases, it actually gets worse by the day’s end if the patient walks for a long time.

Initially, the best way to treat it is rest, ice, massage, and anti-inflammatory medications. One of the most effective treatments is called eccentric training and in these cases stretching and physical therapy can make a real difference.

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