Sports Analyst Predicts Multiple Super Bowls In Eagles’ Immediate Future

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Sports analyst Beasley Reece had a difficult time containing his optimism about this coming Eagles season, and predicted multiple championships in the team’s immediate future.

Reece told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the time is now and the Eagles have the pieces to win it all.

“Certainly, over the next three years I think the Eagles can win two Super Bowls if they have health luck. This is when you make a run. We’ve been through runs before. We went through a run with the Phillies. You make runs when you have everybody.”

He dismissed any talk about all the new players brought in by Head Coach Chip Kelly needing time to gel together before making a serious run.

“This is like a plug and play offense. You can pull a guy out and stick another guy in. Maybe he is not 100 percent of DeSean Jackson, maybe he’s only 85 percent of a DeSean Jackson, but if you plug in another spot where that guy in 110 percent of the guy you just replaced, just the overall value/talent level of the team stays about the same. How does Chip know this? Because he’s been coaching a long time.”

Reece stated one of the reasons he is buying in to all the end of summer hype is that they are set at quarterback.

“We’re in preseason and I’d rather the team be blowing people out and the expectations to be extremely high and everybody to be very excited than for us to be trying to figure out what’s wrong with the defense, or why we aren’t scoring points, or who’s going to be our quarterback. Listen, they have a quarterback now. Call all the great teams, they have a quarterback. Sam Bradford is the quarterback.”

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