By Tony Hanson


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Testimony in the trial of Christina Regusters, the Philadelphia woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a young girl, became heated today as the court heard from another girl whom prosecutors say was one of the defendant’s previous victims.

Prosecutors presented testimony by an 11-year-old cousin of the defendant who testified Regusters touched her inappropriately years ago, on a couple of occasions.  She said she didn’t tell anyone until recently.

Then, this alleged victim’s mother then took the witness stand and broke down in tears as she recounted what her daughter had told her.

At one point the woman said, “I thought Christina loved my children and would never do anything like this.”

Regusters, who had her head down and was crying, suddenly screamed, “I never touched the child!”  During the woman’s testimony Regusters could also be heard muttering between sobs, “Lying…lying.”

The judge called a recess.

Regusters is charged with pretending to be a West Philadelphia kindergarten student’s mother, signing the girl out of school, then kidnapping the girl and molesting her.


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