By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Wednesday is going to be another warm day, but you will definitely feel a difference outside. Lower humidity levels means it will not feel nearly as oppressive as it did on Tuesday. Looking to the sky, early clouds will give way to sunshine by the afternoon.

Thursday will be sunny and hot, and it will remain steamy through the end of the week. The humidity creeps back in the picture on Friday. With a little added instability in the atmosphere, an isolated afternoon thunderstorm is definitely possible.

It’s important to remember that Labor Day fell on September 1st this year, the earliest that it can be. Just because all of this hot weather is falling after the holiday doesn’t make it abnormal; it could still very well be August, and the weather shows it!

Looking ahead to the weekend, everyone gets in on the thunderstorm action. Saturday will start off hot with some sun, eventually giving way to afternoon showers and storms. The heat breaks with the passage of that next front, and Sunday will be quite a different day. Temperatures may not get out of the 70s!

Today’s Highs:

Philly – 88
Shore – 84
Poconos – 77

On this day in weather history…

1775 – The savage Independence Hurricane swept up the Chesapeake Bay and through eastern PA, exacting a toll of human lives higher than any previous American mainland hurricane. At Philadelphia the local press caused the remarkably high tide in the Delaware, the highest tide ever known. The hurricane struck just as the opening maneuvers of the War of Independence were in progress.

1821 – An intense hurricane roared north from the tropics. Winds near the center of the storm were estimated at 120 mph. Extensive structural damage resulted at the small port on Little Egg Harbor, as well as other coastal communities. In the Philadelphia area, trees and chimneys were blown down, and the roof of the covered bridge at the Upper Ferry blew away. 3.92″ of rain fell at PHL and the temperature remained at 73 degrees all afternoon.

1940 – The Great Egg Harbor River at Folsom, Atlantic Co, NJ, rose to a record 9.1′. Flood stage is 6.0′.

1953 – The temperature at Erie, PA, reached 99 degrees, and Stroudsburg, Monroe Co, established a PA state maximum temperature record for the month of September with a reading of 106 degrees.

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