By Ed Benkin

By Ed Benkin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Eagles and Jaguars will open the season on Sunday, and both teams have been limited as far as being able to study each other.

NFL teams spend most of the preseason revealing little on both sides of the ball, so there is less for each team to see in the video room heading into the opener.  Defense Coordinator Bill Davis always wants his unit to be prepared for anything, but the element of surprise could be even greater on Sunday.

“You are really on high alert to handle anything that comes your way,” said Davis.  “You don’t know what they’ve been working on all off-season and what they are ready to unleash on you.”

While the Eagles may have less to work when it comes to studying the Jaguars, the same can be said for Jacksonville’s preparation for Chip Kelly’s squad.  Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin says the Eagles offense kept plenty of plays in storage during the preseason.

“There’s a lot more as far as plays that we can do,” Maclin said.  “I think we didn’t throw the ball down the field at all during the preseason, so there’s a lot more.  You don’t show your whole hand in the preseason.”

Veterans such as Linebacker Connor Barwin understand the extra challenges of week one.  However, Barwin believes it won’t take long for the defense to settle into the flow of the game.

“I wouldn’t use the word uncertainty,” said Barwin.  “You have to be prepared for new things or tricks, but it’s still football.  They’ll show their hands in the first quarter of the first series.  You’ll figure out what they are trying to do and then you have to play the game.”

Cary Williams is another member of the defense who isn’t worried about seeing any surprises from the Jacksonville offense.   Williams believes the Eagles will be fine if they worry about their own performance.

“We’ll be ready for it,” Williams said.  “We’ve been facing tempos since OTAs and last season, so we’re ready.  They can throw everything but the kitchen sink, and we’ll be prepared.”

Wide Receiver Josh Huff (shoulder) and Offensive Lineman Matt Tobin (knee) sat out practice for the second straight day.


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