By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With Tuesday’s shooting that left a nine-year-old boy injured, some folks in Northeast Philadelphia want to see more police officers in their neighborhoods.

City Councilman Bobby Henon says he has listened to neighbors concerns and is working to put more cops on the streets in the 15th police district.

“I think there should be more cops in the neighborhood most definitely, they are the ones that protect us,” Abigail Rosario said.

Abigail has lived in the Northeast for the past 20 years and seen the neighborhoods change especially in the 15th district.

Tuesday afternoon a nine-year-old boy was grazed by a bullet near Torresdale Avenue and Knorr Street.

Just a few weeks ago, a police officer was also grazed by a bullet during a shootout.

Both in the Tacony section, both in the 15th police district.

“You should focus on areas that they need them definitely, like high crime areas,” Rosario said.

“Because of the shootings and the violence and everything thing,” Donna Flinn said.

Councilman Bobby Henon has been pushing to split the 15th police district to increase the number of cops in the many neighborhoods in that area.

“Bridesburg, Port Richmond, Wissinoming, Frankford, Tacony, Holmesburg, Mayfair,” Henon said.

Henon’s district office is a few doors down from Tuesday’s shooting.

He says it is important to split the 15th district based on geography and population.

“Largest in territory, it’s the largest in density in the amount of people is supposed to be covered. They understand the need,” Henon said.

Henon says last week’s police graduation gave the district 30 more officers.

“With new officers, foot patrols, a few more bikes in the streets and vehicles patrolling our neighborhoods. It would give the neighborhood more sense of security,” he said.

The 30 new officers started this past Monday, but Henon says the 15th district needs at least 50 more cops to cover the wide spread area.

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