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By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Wouldn’t you know it, just in time for his mom’s famous tofu burgers on the grill, gloomy Curtis Cloud returns to celebrate the holiday weekend.  Curtis, in his typically curt fashion, only grumbled “whatever” under his increasingly gusty breath as his family hugged tightly.  In fact, his entire family assembled for his arrival, jostling one another and at times completely blocking out  neighboring Steven Sun, who had merely wanted to hang out alone today over the patio.

Curtis  thinks it’s funny that Sun thinks “he is the superstar of the whole world,” when the Clouds can just block him in anytime they want. Curtis always complains that his cousin Candy Cumulus Cloud hangs out with  Steve Sun too much and just acts too sweet when he’s around.

That and CCC is constantly changing forms – why half the time he can’t even recognize her after about 15 minutes. “Sometimes Candy thinks she looks like a cotton ball, till she gets mad and gets all dark and towering like Aunt ThunderThighs,” Curtis muttered to his favorite relative, Gloomy Gusty Cloud.

Uncle GGC  has always favored Curtis. They often hang out together, playing with lightning in the backyard. They especially love to sneak around and wake up a few thunder cells on holidays. How they laugh when people run inside, grabbing soggy tofu burgers off the grill. The fun you can have just hanging around with family. Curtis thinks he might like to visit again on Monday.

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