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Swarthmore College Begins Project That’s Been Subject Of Debate For 15 Years

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(Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images.)

(Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images.)

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By David Madden

SWARTHMORE, Pa. (CBS) -- It’s been debated for 15 years and this week construction began on the first part of a project that will change the face of Swarthmore by helping the business district and the college that bears its name.

The Town Center West project has been studied, debated, even battled in court. This week, work began on a roundabout in town that Swarthmore College Capital Planning and Construction Director Janet Semler says will lead to the main piece of the project.

“We intend to break ground on the building before the end of this calendar year if all goes well. Our plan is for the new Inn, restaurant and campus and community store to open late spring of 2016.”

The 40 room Swarthmore Inn will serve liquor to guests and diners, as well as at catered events.

The rest of the borough is dry and some residents fought hard to try to keep it that way.

For more information on Town Center West, visit:
(credit: Mark Anskis/ Swarthmore College)

(credit: Mark Anskis/ Swarthmore College)

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