By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The party is underway along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, with Young and Sick kicking off the Made In America festival.

There are 4 stages at Philadelphia’s Made in America music festival. Ticket holders say the price of admission will be well worth it, and they’re looking forward to the eclectic mix of performances.

“I think the three main stages are going to be the best ones and one of them is all right, but I look forward to seeing everybody I can,” said a concert-goer.

Many at the festival were there to see the headliner. “Honestly, I really only came to see Kanye West,” said one fan. “I’m sorry, I love Kanye West with every thing in me.”

(Credit: John McDevitt)

(Credit: John McDevitt)

And another fan wouldn’t mind surprises like a Kim Kardashian-West sighting. “If she shows up I would be the happiest person on Earth! She’s amazing,” she said, very enthusiastically.

This is the third year the music festival is taking place in Philadelphia. It’s also the first time Los Angeles is hosting a companion festival going on at the same time as Philly’s.

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