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Philadelphia Based Social Network ‘Spotlights’ Cash Giveaways

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(Credit: Ed Fischer/KYW Newsradio)

(Credit: Ed Fischer/KYW Newsradio)

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Melony Roy is the Social Media editor for KYW Newsradio 1060,...
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By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a new social network and it’s based here in Philadelphia.

Spotlight is an open social network — meaning you can see everyone’s posts, not just friends– but you’re only allowed to post five times a day and you can post anonymously.

“I wanted to create a new platform that would motivate and inspire people to write great stories and create art,” says creator and CEO Kevin Brophy.

(Credit: Melony Roy)

(Credit: Melony Roy)

One user with the most “likes” in August is going to win $10,000, and every user has a fair chance to win.

“Instead of paying agencies or other types of users to become influencers on Spotlight,” Brophy says, “let’s just be out in the open and make it a contest, give our marketing dollars right back to the users.”

The $10,000 contest ends Sunday, but a new one starts on September 1st and the network will be giving away $2,000 per week to the user with the most likes.

Spotlight is available for Android and iOS.

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