Just In Time For Made In America, Young Cancer Patient At CHOP Covers Jay Z In Hopes Of Meeting The Rapper

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Jay Z’s Made in America Festival is hitting Philadelphia this Labor Day weekend, and a young cancer patient has high hopes of meeting the rap star.

In a YouTube video released today that’s poised to go viral, Tom, an oncology patient at CHOP, covers two Jay Z songs.

The first, which Tom has renamed “Bald So Hard,” focuses on the loss of his hair due to chemo.

“Bald so hard/this head got shiny/glare behind me,” Tom raps of chemotherapy, replacing the words “fish filet” with the more palatable “mozzarella sticks.”

The second song, a cover of the Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” is a rap about life at CHOP rather than life in the Big Apple.

“Let’s hear it for CHOP, CHOP, CHOP…” the chorus goes. “These treatments make you feel brand new/These docs will inspire you.”

“I made this video to explain the everyday life of a cancer patient in a more unique way,” Tom says at the end of the video, before holding up a sign with the hashtag #BaldSoHard.

Tom also asks viewers to share his video with their friends and requests that Jay Z stop in and “hang out” the next time he’s in Philly.

To see Tom’s video, click here.

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