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By Stephanie Stahl

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Putting butter in your coffee may sound weird, but it’s a popular new trend. Drinkers say it keeps them feeling full, their minds sharp and even helps them lose weight. Should we all be giving it a try? 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on the new coffee concoction.

Coffee blended with butter. Yes, buttered coffee is the new it drink. Personal trainer Jill Rodriguez says it’s delicious.

“I love it. And my clients are saying the same thing,” said Jill.

The exact recipe is a cup of brewed coffee with two tablespoons of unsalted, grass-fed butter added to it, and a tablespoon of coconut oil.

Advocates of buttered coffee say fat in the butter slows digestion, which helps control appetite and the absorption of caffeine from the coffee resulting in a prolonged energy boost.

“It completely satisfies the hunger. And I am alert. I never feel any more in the morning where I’m tired or walking around like a zombie,” said Jim Kolbusz, who drinks buttered coffee. A cup of it has about  330 calories and 29 grams of saturated fat, far more than the recommended daily allowance.

But dietitian Cassie Bjork says it can be a healthy way to rev up our metabolisms.

“I wouldn’t really focus on the 300 or 400 calories in a cup. I think it’s just good, healthy fat that helps us utilize energy,” said Cassie.

Sports nutritionist Liz Applegate says buttered coffee might be helpful for people who exercise a lot, but not everybody.

“For most of us desk jockeys that are not working out, it’s really not something we can afford to do,” said Liz.

Jim has been drinking buttered coffee for four months, and lost seven pounds. He says he gets plenty of exercise, and is careful about his diet.

“My body fat reduced from 12 percent the last time I was measured I was eight percent,” said Jim.

Despite the high amount of saturated fat, experts say butter from grass-fed cows contains healthy fatty acids, similar to what’s found in salmon. The butter is  available in most health food stores.

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