By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –The good samaritan who retrieved a cold and nearly naked kindergartener from a neighborhood playground last year, ending the five-year-old girl’s kidnap and rape ordeal, testified today in a Philadelphia courtroom during the trial of the woman charged with the horrific crime.

Imagine this: you’re walking to work early one winter morning when it’s still dark, and you hear a little voice crying out, “Help!  Help!  Help!”

The victim has already testified that, after the kidnapping and being hurt, she was taken to a playground in the middle of the night — a cold, damp January night — and abandoned, wearing only a t-shirt and no shoes, no socks, nothing else.

Nelson Myers says he was walking alongside the Upper Darby playground when he heard the girl’s voice, screaming “help” three times and “somebody help me.”

He told the court he couldn’t see her from mere feet away, but then he moved closer and, when he spotted her, lifted her into his arms.

Myers says the girl was dirty, cold, and shivering.  He says she told him, stuttering, that somebody had “stole” her.

He called 911.  On that police recording, the scared little girl can be heard.

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