By Chris Stigall

6:00 – Veterans are quite upset with President Barack Obama and Chris opens the show this morning talking about the very unpopular speech Obama delivered on Tuesday at the National Convention of the American Legion.

6:20 – In recent news, Burger King has announced that they will be moving their business out of the country to Canada because of federal taxes. Chris comments on the matter and thinks its outrageous that a American born business, such as BK, can’t afford to stay in it’s own country.

6:34 – The Phils beat the Nationals 4-3 last night. The crew talks a little baseball and their thoughts on the future of the team

6:53 – Chris talks about the recent uproar after Sofia Vergara’s speech at the Emmy’s this weekend. He comments on feminism and the spin the media is putting on this story

7:00 – Economist Peter Morici joins the program this morning to continue the conversation about Burger King’s recent announcement to move their headquarters out of the country and into Canada.

7:23 – Gay News this morning on the Chris Stigall Show. The crew talks about Michael Sam’s role on the 75 man roster-ed St. Louis Rams and a recent report talking about Sam’s shower habits.

7:35 – Executive Producer Michael Cerio adds this morning’s “What’s Trending” segment to the show. On it, he comments on Matt Damon’s recent Ice Bucket Challenge using toilet water, Homer Simpson’s contribution to ALS, and the possibility of a Full House re-union.

7:51 – It’s parade day for the Taney Dragon’s in Philadelphia this afternoon. The parade starts in Center City, heading South towards FDR Park and then ending in Citizens Bank Park to be honored by the Phillies during tonight’s game.

8:00 – Victor Fiorillo joins the program this morning talking about the recent Asian slur in which was published by the Newspaper of Public Record and the obvious outrage within the Asian community here in Philadelphia.

8:21 – Chris rejoins the conversation about President Obama’s disliked speech at the National Convention of the American Legion yesterday.

8:35 – PSPCA representative Sarah joins Chris in studio for this weekly animal shelter segment. Sarah brought a lab – poodle mix named Murphy in studio this morning.

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8:45 – The “Let Freedom Drink” segment wraps up the show.

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