By Cleve Bryan

By Cleve Bryan

FRANKLINVILLE, N.J., (CBS) — As news spread that a 9-year-old New Jersey girl was involved in an Arizona gun range accident that killed a firearms instructor Dan Roberts’s phone started ringing.

“Everybody thought it was her,” says Roberts whose 9-year-old daughter Shyanne is a well known competitive shooter and gun rights advocate.

Last year Shyanne placed second in a statewide shooting competition helping her gather sponsors and giving her a platform to weigh in on New Jersey gun control legislation.

In March she testified before a committee in opposition to the bill reducing magazine limits from 15 to 10 rounds which Governor Chris Christie ultimately vetoed.

Shyanne and Dan Roberts say they were not in Arizona this week and not involved in the gun range accident but they were willing to weigh in on the topic Wednesday night.

“It’s a tragedy it really is, but it’s not in any way in my opinion an indictment on firearms in general, on children with firearms,” says Dan Roberts.

He pointed out several mistakes he thinks the victim made including where he stood.

Shyanne who is well versed in the use of pistols, shotguns and rifles says she’s never shot a fully automatic submachine gun like the Uzi that was fired in the Arizona accident, but she’s always wanted to try.

She and her dad had a talk after seeing the video and while she’s saddened by what happened it doesn’t scare her or make her change her goals.

“I’d like to get a national title and be a role model to kids,” says Shyanne who turns 10 on Thursday and can’t wait to get a New Jersey hunting license.

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