PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dick Morris and Gary R’nel spoke with Wisconsin Congressman and former Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about Ryan’s new book, The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea.

Ryan said his book highlights the burden that government regulation puts on the average American family.

“They’re regressive. They burn out-of-pocket expenses from people who live mostly, solely on disposable income. So when you see these regulations coming from a big, intrusive federal government, just know that what it mostly does, in so many ways, is hurt people who are living paycheck to paycheck. If we’re worried about upward mobility, wealth gaps, and helping people get on to lives of self-sufficiency, then the federal government needs to be mindful of the regulatory costs it imposes on the paychecks of hard working Americans.”

He stated that the more involved the government is in the marketplace, the more likely it is that the economy will suffer.

“The other problem with all these regulations is it makes it harder for a person to start a business. Most new jobs come from start-up businesses, from small businesses, not from the big established businesses. So, what you end up with is crony capitalism. Big government and big business join in a common cause to, basically, rig the rules and erect barriers to entry against would-be competitors. Not only does that hurt us as consumers because we have fewer choices — you have bigger companies that can raise prices — but it makes it harder for a person to go out on their own, start a business, and then hire people. So you end up with economic stagnation.”

Ryan believes the key to Republican political success in the future is re-asserting their support for free market principles.

“As Republicans, we have to distinguish between being a pro-market party and a pro-incumbent business party, and that’s a point I make in this book because, to me, if we’re going to get out of our doldrums, get our country on the right track, we have to re-apply those core, founding principles that made us exceptional in the first place.”

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