PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg was asked on the 94WIP Morning Show by Al Morganti, why we don’t see Darin Ruf more?

“Well, we’re still looking at Domonic Brown to make a decision and to see more of him down the stretch here going forward for next year,” Sandberg said. “And Darin Ruf has had, what, four good games?”

Listen: Ryne Sandberg on the 94WIP Morning Show

“The ability is there,” Sandberg said of Brown on the 94WIP Morning Show. “It’s about him being more consistent, but when he’s right he swings a power bat from the left-side, and also being a product from the farm system all the way up. So he’s still a guy that’s still be evaluated and looked at.”

Chris Stigall talked to Sandberg on Talk Radio 1210 about rooting for the Taney Dragons and trying to finish out the season on an upbeat note.

Sandberg said he’s been following the local kids march through the Little League World Series.

“It’s a big deal. They’ve been a lot of fun to watch…What I see from the Little League team and that level is the joy of playing the game of baseball and the excitement of being out there together as a team and, of course, winning and celebrating at the end of a game. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Sandberg also noted that today, he sees too much concentration on one sport without kids having as much fun as he remembers from his youth.

“The specialty of one sport has gotten a little out of hand. I was a three sport guy. Whatever was on TV, I wanted to play out in the yard…The fact that some of the kids have to specialize some much on one sport, I’d just be afraid of the young athlete getting tired of the one sport.”

Regarding the Phillies, he’s trying to keep the team focused on finishing the year strong and building something positive toward next year.

“Each day, it’s a game to be won. You play for pride a little bit, you play for winning games and trying to put a winning streak together, create some momentum. It’s always much more fun to win, those type of things. For some of our young players, it’s about finishing strong and putting together a good, solid season and finishing down the stretch. Some of that is new territory for some of our young players. Also, it’s a time for some evaluating as we go forward to next year.”



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