PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The call for calm continues in Ferguson – hours ahead of a visit by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder will be there on Wednesday to oversee the federal investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. His death has touched off more than a week of violent demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri and outrage across the country – including a march here in Philadelphia.

Dozens of protesters rallied and marched for more than two hours in West Philadelphia Tuesday night. Police were on hand just in case things got unruly. But in the end, police and protesters say – mission accomplished with zero arrests.

One protester said, “Today, this is about togetherness.”

Another added, “Don’t get angry today and get complacent tomorrow.”

Residents, students and families gathered on this night to show their support and vow to do their part to “Fight back for Ferguson” here in Philadelphia.

Tiana Smith, protester, said, “I hope this makes a difference, I hope it brings a change.”

Earlier in the day, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey confirmed he is doing his part, participating in a conference call with Attorney General Eric Holder and offering his advice on how to bring calm and peace to Ferguson.

In the meantime, Philadelphia Police call the outing on Tuesday a welcome sight with police and protesters working together respectfully to successfully send a message of peace.

Kashara White, protester, said, “We got to speak to a lot of people and get to hear what the community was feeling and where they understood themselves to be in this and how we can move forward.”

Organizers say expect similar rallies and marches in the near future. The next one is planned for Wednesday night at LOVE Park.

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