By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Dom Giordano spoke with Mumtaz Lalani, the owner of the Dellwood Market in Ferguson, Missouri about the looting and riots happening in that town since the police shooting that killed Michael Brown on August 9.

Lalani said his store was decimated by looters.

“They emptied out my total store. We had 40 people just rush us in the store. This time they were prepared. They had their back packs. They had big shopping bags, baskets, with them and they knew exactly where my more expensive stuff, liquor and cigarettes are. They just get it out by the cartons.”

Despite the upheaval, he found many people in his community willing to help him clean up after the violence.

“Yesterday, a lot of community members, a lot of church members, even one mother came in with two small kids and said, ‘can we help you clean up?’ There are very good people here, and so on, but after midnight when all the thugs take their business on the street, it’s difficult to protect your business.”

Lalani thinks the protests would be more organized if they happened earlier in the day.

“What I don’t understand is; why do these demonstrations have to be at night time? Why can’t they do it in the daytime where it can be under control? There could be more sympathizers participating.”


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