By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Remember this past winter when I forgot I had tulip bulbs to plant? So, I quickly stuck them in pots of soil by a window in my garage and I piled snow on the pots to water them in. Then I forgot about them until I saw tulip shoots sprouting in spring and I dragged them out to the patio in the sun, where I let the rain water them. And by May, every single tulip had bloomed with no help from me. Remember all that? I do.

After they finished flowering, to distract from the browning tulip leaves as they died back, I stuck some annuals in the pots. And then, I also sprinkled some seeds.

I’ve never really started many plants from seed because doing it indoors always seems so fussy and labor intensive to me. But I just sprinkled these seeds outside, in the pots, between the tulip leaves, and around on the ground. I didn’t cover them with soil or water them in or pay any attention to them.

They grew. And so for weeks and weeks all this summer, I’ve had cosmos and zinnias growing like crazy. Very pretty, with no help from me.

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