PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — LeSean McCoy tweeted out a few days ago that his potential for the upcoming season was 2,000 yards. McCoy would need just under 400 more yards than last season if he plans to rush for that number.

Following the statement, McCoy began to post more tweets the showed the immense work that he was putting in on the practice field to make his 2,000 yard goal a reality. There was the tweet showing McCoy throwing 45 yard plates quite the impressive distance and there was even one showing the back running routes and catching passes blindfolded.

These amazing feats needed some type of explanation and it appears McCoy was ready to face the music and explain to everyone exactly what was going on.

(scroll down to see video of the announcement)

So it appears that this is all connected to a new campaign that McCoy is a part of for Bounce For Men Dryer Sheets.

The goal could indeed be real, but it appears that the rash of predictions were simply a part of a pretty creative marketing campaign featuring the Eagles’ back. Bounce is going a step further to enhance McCoy’s performance. The company will donate $10 dollars per yard to McCoy’s charity, Shades of Greatness.

McCoy’s group serves to raise funds and aid the fight against ALS.

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